Zack Winter – stop close your eyes and hope

Zack Winter from New Zealand, known under the nickname @techiemetal.

Thanks to the little help, and the copying of other members of the eToro community managed this popular investors beat the market. When I’m looking for popular investors I found usually the traders who focus on a particular type of instrument. Quite different is the case with Zack. Almost 20% of his portfolio consists of other shops that he copies. Among them is the other popular investors that goldoilstocks, jaynemesis, tradingrelax or mefeee.

When we look carefully at the portfolio of techiemetal we find a very well-diversified portfolio, which later proves to have an excellent result:

Traders who play the copying of Zack can take advantage of the variety of traditional instruments such as platinum or gold and BTC or the EFA ETF, which reflects the movement of the markets in Europe, Asia and Australia:

When we examine the Zacks market exposure over the past few months, we see that he most of the time to actively invest their money:

Zack is an excellent example of the section Editor’s Choice. Where you will find the best traders we think are worth to follow. Zack started with only five copies in the beginning of may, today he has over 100 of them!

Much more if Zack is in his biography:

Ten percent of my deposit is in the metals, ten in engineering, twenty in the kryptovalutor as Bitcoin, about ten in the index, and ten in the ETF. I set the stoppnivåen manually and take profit. I gives me a certain freedom in the size of the position I open. Twenty percent of my account devoted to social trading, and traders whose signals to be copied are selected carefully and are categorized in the current form from my portfolio.

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