Your need to be right hinders your success in the trade

Have you ever heard of the word ”Atychiphobia?” This may strike you as a complex and strange låtande words, but in simple terms, it is defined as a devastating fear of failure. I have spent many years of my life and tried to release this fear and have learned a lot about our experiences I want to share with you in this article.

We have all heard at some point ”it is okay to be wrong”; ”Everyone makes mistakes”; ”In this way we learn”, etc .. These sayings are very true, but they are dealt with so often today – especially through social media and I believe that such axioms are not as effective anymore as they perhaps once were. While we can understand their meaning, so is the frustration, the discontent and the anger left in us.

To understand something does not make it automatically possible for us to act on it as we should. In other words, there is a big difference between understanding something that seems to be true and to believe in a deeper core. The reason is that when you think something is true, usually your behaviors aligned to the faith.

We know that most people are doing everything they can to avoid to be wrong. I think this is a problem, not only for us as traders but also as individuals. In addition, it is a problem for all of us collectively as a culture. So what I want to do today is, first and foremost, to talk about why we get stuck inside this need to be more right than the others, which is why it is so big problem and finally, I hope to convince you that it is possible to go beyond that feeling – to be free as an individual.

Why we get stuck
The reason is quite frightening and goes to the core of the foundation of our society. Our current process of education was not to educate children but to develop good workers. These highly skilled workers must be able to think and come up with new ideas, but they must also be good employees. This is achieved through our process of education in which children learn all that they needed. They are fed with facts; They are tested on its facts and those who make the fewest mistakes are considered to be the smartest. Those with the lowest scores suffer from skamens pain.

The education system spends no time to learn how to learn from our mistakes and how to recover from failure. This is critical for real learning first-hand society, which marginalise us if we are not living up to its standard.

In the beginning, we learn to avoid painful experiences, which comes as a result of being wrong – we fail and develop a passion for being right. For those of us who start a journey to become self-sufficient and självinriktade traders, entrepreneurs and innovators, we begin our journey completely unprepared for the realities that await us.

Instead of to float and adapt to the uncertainty, we try desperately to create it even where it does not exist! As traders we require the feeling of safety to analyze the and our egos are hanging on every trade we place.

Up-and-down movements in the markets making our mood as swinging like a rollercoaster. We insist, of course, and trying to have the right because it is what we think we need to do. It makes us feel smart, responsible, virtuous, and safe. But there is an error and an endless cycle if we do not learn to break out.

The exact dimensions of the reality

Inflexibility increases the mediokritet and acknowledge this fact which makes it possible for us to play different. We must learn to release our need to be right and instead, embrace the uncertainty. This is the only way to change our experience of the trade. A mind open like the sky, let us look at it:

We do not have control over anything! We live in a world of reason and the reality of our lives is a direct result of the causes (actual and previous) that we don’t have any control over. It is determined by various factors which we cannot explore. Do you think that you have control over the people who affect our lives so intimately? You have the control over nature’s overwhelming force? Do you think you have control over the markets? This control we think we have …. is an illusion!
For the most part our decisions in-depth. Most of us like to believe that our opinions have been falsified through careful, rational and objective consideration of ideas, facts, parameters, etc, We think that our decisions are based on these views. In fact, we base more of our opinions on our beliefs, which can have an uneasy relationship with facts.
Interpretation takes place within us. The environment that surrounds us does not interpret the information that it has to offer. Good, bad, right, wrong are subjective ideas and occur strictly in our minds.
These truths are important to know in order to point to the inefficiency of our inflexibility – which really is the reason for our inability to maintain positive handelsresultat! Release your need to be right, your whole experience of the trade will change!

How release the to remove this the need to always like to have the right

I can’t promise you a magic pill that you can take and immediately get you to be more tolerant and compassionate towards yourself. What I am advocating will only give the results if you practice regularly, just as I do.

To understand when you feel like you want to be right is the first step. Try to develop the awareness to observe your body and mind when you find yourself in a stressful situation. Your body will show a variety of symptoms that you can ask about. Awareness gives you suddenly the benefits of the options that you had not previously and this is very powerful!
Understand that it is okay to be wrong (it’s okay!). Lasting marknadssucces is a process, it is never a straight line. If you are persistent and active in the markets and is small, will the training make you better. You will be in a better place to learn from your mistakes.
How does it feel when you do wrong? I guess your answer will be, ”terrible”, ”embarrassing”, ”frustrating”. But let me rephrase this question: How does it feel to you know that you are wrong? To realize that you are wrong can feel good. It can be devastating, it may be obvious, it can actually be fun. When we have wrong with something – not when we realize, but before it – it feels not good at all, it actually seems to be right. So we are the ones who put together the context behind our experiences with our own thinking, and it is possible to change how we live out each experience. We just have to move our perspective on what our error really means for us. It means shame, anger and other limiting condition of mind, or intrigue, impartiality, motivation, opportunity to learn? In all cases, we create our own reality!
Become a scientist in your own life. Human progress lies in the principles of scientific investigation. When a vetenskapsexperiment performed, many results will be displayed – positive results, negative results, but all results are the data points. It is how researchers see the failures and it is only as data points. The professional trader adopts a similar approach. Every trade, whether profit or loss – are only data points. When we become our own livsforskare we release our thoughts on the emotional stigma associated with mistakes, failures and errors.

We need moments of surprise, reversal and ”error” to color our lives, and only to the extent that we learn to remove ourselves from our beliefs that limit our nature and then we can find real fulfillment in everything we do, and more in everything we are. This truth, seen through the right angle, can prove to be quite liberating. Because we cannot control something that is outside of ourselves, we should learn to be at peace with everything that escapes our control. When we cultivate a sense of ease in the midst of uncertainty, we allow things to happen as they want to. This protects us from being manipulated and not only in the consistent handelsresultat but also with the emotional well-being. It is the single greatest moral, intellectual and creative leap you can do.

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