xChainge – Learn about the alternative to centralized kryptomarknader

The purpose of the newly created xChainge platform is to offer an alternative to the usual kryptomarknader by introducing a P2P transaction system based on the Ethereum blockchain technology. In combination with a simple interface, anonymity and a decentralised form shall be an active competitor to the current stock exchanges.

xChainge offers an alternative for the centralized markets without the extra fees, intermediaries, and KYC / AML procedures, while the full functionality is also available from the portföljapplikation. xChainge Wallet allows you to carry out P2P-transactions in an environment reminiscent of the popular bankapplikationer.

The product is to be introduced in the first quarter of 2018 and applications for Android and iOS will appear in the second quarter. The main features of xChainge Wallet is:

-Comfortable and secure storage of kryptovalutor,
-Easy-to-use smart creation of the contract
-The ability to solve transaktionstvister with the mediator
-Create your own markets
-xChainge Wallet requires no authentication and provides users full control over their assets.
-The sale of xChainge tokens

XChainge tokens is based on the ERC-20 Ethereum and will be used to pay for services within the platform. Myntsemittaren is a non-profit fund, which began distributing tokens on 1 december – it ends on 25 december of this year. For this purpose, was chosen the Dutch auktionsmodellen. In the beginning, each token will cost 0,05 ETH and the price will gradually decrease while the time goes on.

The total pool of coins will be 23.529.412 XCH, while the issuer will distribute 20 million.


The number of transactions on the kryptomarknaden is constantly growing. Global volume increased from 100 to 200 million dollars at the beginning of the year to 10 billion u.s. dollars per day. The capitalization of the whole market increased thirteen times and surpassed 200 billion dollars.

Compared with the stock market is kryptomarknaden still independent. The capitalization of the second exceeds 60 trillion dollars, and the competitive foreign exchange market 5 billion dollars in a single session. Faster growth is blocked by the lack of rapid and convenient methods for the exchange of cryptographic assets.

The portfolio with the utbytesfunktionen is offered only by several applications such as Jaxx or the Exodus, but they are supported by an external betalningssystemleverantör.
Centralized exchanges provide fast and secure transactions but offers a limited number of kryptovalutor and symbols under pressure from the authority
Partially decentralised exchanges that EtherDelta or Oasis DEX enables the exchange of a larger pool of ERC-20-tokens, but they do not guarantee protection against losses.

Description of the xChainge platform

XChainge P2P platform allows exchange of any symbols based on the ERC-20-technology directly from the portfolio level. For this purpose, the user can either place an offer on the stock exchange which will be carried out by a different user or select an order from the list of transactions.

Publish the offer to publish an offer, the user must go over to the sections ”P2P Exchange” in xChainge portfolio. The option to create orders with a given price, expiration date, and confirming the entire process.

Choice of offer – people who want to use the list of available orders can filter them in relation to the tokens, the price and volume of transactions. At the election of the offer, the user confirms his decision and determines the maximum time for the execution.

With the help of the cross-chain platform, users can switch the ETH and the ERC-20 tokens to all the other cryptographic tokens. Currently do not offer platform such services without interference from third parties.

XChainge-the team predicts that additional tools can be quickly developed in a completely decentralized kryptomarknad that allows their immediate replacement with minimal commissions, without involving the service provider, which is responsible for the settlement of transactions.

XChainge-team and advisors

The owners of the xChainge project is Albert Ibragimov, Danil Popov, Artur Ustimov and Egor Klimenko. All have experience in the personalfinansiering, investments, financial products and marketing. The owners and the investors are shareholders in the Activo-company.

Albert Ibragimov, CEO, has over 10 years of experience in development of web projects and software. He collaborated with Nornickel, Kaspersky Lab Workle and Asteros.

xChainge cooperated with the CRYPTO-group, a Russian scientific association designed for cryptography. Natalia Tokareva, senior analyst at the Sobolevs university, oversees the development of the whole project.

Moreover, the call to start the cooperation with a further five advisers in the blockchain technology, distributed networks, cyber security, legal support, and system architecture.

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