What to do when it comes into conflict with his broker ?

It is not uncommon to encounter traders who are in conflict with their forex broker. Generally, the disputes are based on an inability to withdraw funds, or technical problems relating to the trading platform.
What are the solutions available when we get back in a power relationship with the broker ? This is what we will see today.

The Financial Markets Authority
In the first place, traders have been contacting typically the AMF, which is a bit like the policeman of the financial markets. Its powers, however, remain limited as the organization can only act if the broker in question is registered with them. In the contrary case it will unfortunately be helpless and will simply identify the scams.

The settlement agreement
To resolve a dispute with a broker, you can also go through an amicable agreement. However, the results of this confrontation can succeed. Indeed, if the broker is in his good right it you simply have to remember the terms of your contract, if it is not in the right and then you lie without the slightest scruples.
The advantage of an amicable agreement is that you maintain a dialogue with your broker who can try to explain the problem.

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