Wages increased by 2.0-2.6%

The hourly earnings of workers increased 2 percent, to 164:30 in February, compared with the same month of last year. It shows figures from the central statistics office SCB.

Including overtime pay, increased wages for workers by 1.9 per cent, to 166:30 sek.

The hourly wage for workers in the private sector increased 2.3 percent to 39, 240 sek, excluding overtime pay.

The proportion of overtime workers amounted to 1.7 per cent, which was a decline by 0.1 percentage points, compared with the corresponding month of the previous year.

The average monthly salary for employees at the county council increased 2.6 percent, to 34.340 sek 1.5 per cent to 36.380 crowns in the state sector.

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