Today’s option – assay efficiency, 76,19%

Binary options is one of the newer and more popular finansinstrumenten (so-called derivatives). By investing in binary options, we acquire not a certain asset but speculate if the value will rise or fall. Binary options are a much simpler investment vehicle than the Forex market. With the right training and market knowledge, you can earn a regular income – the customer can not lose more money than his deposit, but the potential income is also limited in some way.

The biggest advantage of binary positions is the extremely simple penninghanteringen, as in the case of the foreign exchange market is a great plague of many traders and thus do not allow them to systematically make money. When it comes to binary options we determine the amount we are risking and the amount of our loss will never exceed this value. Another plus is the fact that we don’t need to wonder where our stop loss or take profit to be.

The most popular option for binary options is that we can decide if the price of a particular instrument will increase or fall within a certain period of time. It is then enough comfortable for that even if the market does not move from the beginning as we thought, it might still be possible to do it later.

The main disadvantage with binary options is the relatively small risk result not exceeding 0,85: 1. This means that our potential profit is always going to be less than the potential loss. In order to be able to serve in this way, we must have extremely high efficiency. Is it possible to earn money with the help of binary options?

Now we run the ”current” option to the cycle, where every day we will present the best options PUT or CALL for the selected financial instrument with a current technical analysis. All analyses will be based on the Price Action and can be found under the tag ”Today’s option,” or in our forums where binary options are being discussed.

Over a period of time, I have published detailed statistics on the results of my analysis. In August was the performance 78,95%, which means a possible return on 7,12: 1.

This time was the efficiency of my analysis in september 76,19%, which means a possible return of 6.9: 1.

It means that we can make 6,9% per month by risking 1% of the capital each month. I think månadsavkastningen is very high and should be satisfactory for most traders.

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