Tips: how to not be scammed

The financial markets are not just dry data, press releases, and charts. The market is mainly people and unfortunately, they are different. All too often we hear of fraud, where the main tool is the foreign exchange market. Most vulnerable are those who trade on their own, both those who are already using state of the art social commerce solutions. eToro, a leader in this market, is particularly concerned about security issues, so I have drawn up a list of ten tips that may save your money.

Get to know the infrastructure

If someone tries to convince you to your new application or trading platform, the first thing you should do is to familiarize yourself with it. There will be plenty of resources, both human and notionally for serious legal platforms. Check demokontot. This applies not just to create user-friendly platforms. Their (bedragares) of the objective is your money!

Check the settings

It is probably the fastest and most reliable way to check the reliability of a broker or platform that license. Each country has at least one device that is the storage of financial markets. By obtaining mäklarlicens confirms the broker high demands on their business. eToro is the biggest social trading platform in the world and is regulated by both cyprus CySEC and the uk FCA. No regulation is a clear warning sign!

Protect yourself!

You must think about safety. How are you hedged on the web? Check that the brokers ‘ side to use a SSL certificate. Just look at the address bar, where you will find the right characters. What’s more – think of the services that your potential broker is using. It works with the largest banks in the world? You can make a deposit with at least some method of payment that is accepted everywhere? Such nuances are important indicators of the safety of your money.

Who supports you?

The deceiver does not care about their customers. He only takes care that the customers have enough money in their account. A broker who does not provide or provides the remaining support is not the best choice. Use demokontot to check the quality of customer service. Make sure that they care about you, not just about your money.


Verification of your online identity is the basis for any real action. The broker verifies their customers! If the advertiser which världsklassmäklare not even need a fotodokument, it is probably a scam.

Read the latest news

Branschportaler are so advanced and their number is so large that if the broker you are interested in would be involved in any impure activity, such information securely and to appear in the search engine. Remember the other side of the coin. Carefully choose the source of your information and do not believe in anonymous posts in the forums. Take advantage of the industry leader.


Continue trovärdighetstråden – check the brokers ‘ page for prices rewards. The good is often nominated for industriutmärkelser. It does not take much time to find out which price your broker got the. But if the subject shows the rates that he is not got or does not have, is this a very clear warning signal.

You see the warnings?

The next shade that many can say about this broker is its advertising. The Internet has accustomed us to all kinds of banners and regulators require that they contain valuable information. This is information about the risks associated with trading. If the brochures contain such information, you can feel a little safer.

Access to education

Unlike the scammers want the real broker to retain the customer. To do this, to educate their customers. By promoting responsible business reduces the risk of bankruptcy by sharing market knowledge and organize training sessions. This means a long cooperation between brokers and traders, which increases the broker’s spread, a commission or fee.

Search for information

In the social mediaåldrar you can ask for the opinion of the people from the other side of the globe. You can also search for information about a broker among your friends. Reliable trading platform or brokers have their profiles on Facebook or Twitter. In addition, these profiles active – new post appears constantly. Broker integrates with their customers. The fraudster to extract money from them.

The above points are just simple guidelines. The real safety is just a considerate action. This simple statement applies for both mäklarevalet and real-time trading.

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