Tip of the day: the challenges you should consider

Even experienced investors are grappling with their own emotions and impulses. When the stock market soars in the heights, we become afraid to miss the train. You have to be patient and believe in yourself.

Learn from your mistakes

Obtain you the experience of equity investments in practice. Learn from mistakes and do not be blinded by your success. Dare to admit your mistakes to yourself and act differently the next time. Do not put your head in the sand. Everyone makes mistakes in the beginning. Learn to avoid the worst mistakes. With time you will be able to learn more from the mistakes of others than your own.

Do not become a part of the flockmentaliteten on the stock exchange. Go your way, feel your favorite companies and invest in shares on a regular basis. Don’t buy stocks when all other are buying. Rely on your own analysis is right and hold on your own techniques. Are not attracted by rumors and buying advice that is not consistent with your techniques. When everyone wants to buy a share, it is often too late. Then, the share price has already rushed in height. Keep in mind that it is important not to say yes, but to be able to say no. There will be many new opportunities for good deals all the time. You can only be on a fraction of them.

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Was rational, not emotional

Take it easy and do not respond impulsively on what happens on the stock exchange. Don’t take hasty decisions. Sleep on it a night.

Don’t be in love with your stocks

Follow up your shares every year and do an evaluation. Sell shares that have not met your expectations during long time.

Don’t be afraid

Don’t be afraid when the stock market goes down. The vast majority feel discomfort when the courses are falling, but the fear is often unwarranted. Sooner or later, turns the stock market is probably up again. Stock prices go up and they go down. The volatility is different in different companies.

If you are thinking long term will pay off with time. You do not need to be stressed out about the price movements in the stock market and get worried unnecessarily.



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