Time for Bitcoin Silver

The dust has not yet settled after the last fork, which resulted in the creation of the Bitcoin Gold and the community already report the next division of the network. The next SegWit2x have a chance to create a completely new krytovaluta – Bitcoin Silver.

According to the original information about the Bitcoin Silver, designed the entire project to restore the real decentralisation of BTC. By introducing another change in the network to the developers lead to a situation where Satoshi Nakamotos assumptions (considered to be the creator of Bitcoin) will come to life again.

A CPU, a voice – Nakamotos vision accurately reflects society’s desire to stop the industrial extraction of Bitcoin, and leave this task to the dispersed user.

Changes in Bitcoin Silver-algorithm allows the current excavators are not able to extract the BTSI-blocks. This gives rise to the natural opposition of a part of the society, which is afraid that by depriving the network of all kalkulationskraft from the professional, the mine will harm the entire network.

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