The year’s best mutual funds

During the first six months of the funds that are available on the Pensionsmyndighetens fondtorg. The average for all funds has been a rise of 5.4 per cent, according to statistics from research firm Morningstar.

The best fund has been C Worldwide Medical Small & Mid Cap, which is up 28.1 percent. The fund focuses on fast-growing smaller companies, and even if investeringsmandatet is global.

Moreover we have Aktia Nordic Micro Cap is up 22.1 percent. It is a fund that invests in nordic small cap. The largest holding is Sportamore AB, with 4.1 percent of the portfolio value.

At the bottom we find several funds with a focus on the energy sector: Blackrock World Energy has declined by 21 percent during the first half of the year and Gustavia Proxypetroleum Energy, which is down 28.1 percent.

Here are this week’s best and worst funds:

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