The weather of the forex from 24 to 28 April 2017

The forex can sometimes be difficult to grasp, especially for beginning traders it is why we now offer you every Friday on to popularize the subject by offering an article at the tone shifted somewhat.

Week is almost perfect for the pound sterling relative to the u.s. dollar. The pair is on a rising trend since Monday and nothing shows that a change is about to occur.

Like last week, the u.s. dollar has a good performance relative to its canadian counterpart. The bullish trend of the pair is still relevant.

On Monday and Tuesday, the euro was able to advance against the pound sterling. Since then, the trend has been completely reversed and the pair has lost all the benefit of this good start to the week. Currently, the pair seems to be, all the same, starting to increase again.

The u.s. dollar also achieves a good performance against the japanese yen this week. The pair rose strongly until Wednesday before stabilising around 111,3 yesterday and today.

In the beginning of the week, the euro rose strongly against the japanese yen. Since then, the pair is almost stabilized but the trend for the past few hours seems to pick up again.

Week well agitated between the u.s. dollar and the euro. The european currency has, indeed, started to grow, before falling, to finally go back a little later. Currently, the tendency is again to the advantage of the single currency.

Like last week, the performance of the australian currency relative to the u.s. dollar are not terrible. The pair has almost made that back even if things seem to change for a few hours.

The euro started the week by advancing against the swiss franc before reversing and then back again. In the end, the trend is, all the same, to the advantage of the european currency as it ended higher than last Monday.

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