The weather of the forex from 10 to 14 April 2017

The forex can sometimes be difficult to grasp, especially for beginning traders it is why we now offer you every Friday on to popularize the subject by offering an article at the tone shifted somewhat.

The british pound had a good week relative to the u.s. dollar. The british currency has, indeed, progressed significantly Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Currently, the trend is always upward, even if its amplitude has decreased.

The us dollar achieves a week relatively poor compared to its canadian counterpart. If it has started to go up the slope yesterday, the current trend is again downward.

The euro recorded a poor performance this week compared to the pound sterling. The european currency has, indeed, fallen sharply on Tuesday and she never managed to recover. Currently the trend is still slightly bearish.

This week, the u.s. dollar recorded a poor performance against the japanese yen. The pair has dropped a bit more every day and the trend is still valid at this time.

Like last week, the pair EUR-JPY has followed the same path as the pair USD-JPY. The european currency is, in effect, committed on a downward slope on Monday, a trend that she never managed to reverse and which continues currently.

If the week was arrested yesterday, then the euro would have made a very nice performance compared to the u.s. dollar. Unfortunately, since a few hours, the trend has completely reversed and is now largely to the advantage of the u.s. currency.

Up to Wednesday evening the trend of the pair was bearish with a low amplitude. On Thursday, the australian dollar began a significant rise as it manages to almost stand still to the time when we write these lines.

Hectic week between the euro and France switzerland. The pair has, in effect, alternating upward trends and downward. Since yesterday, the european currency, however, seems to remain on a downward against the swiss franc this week. The pair has, in fact, recorded in foreign exchange gains that it still manages to retain currently.

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