The road to success – the ”Less is more”

The more we want something the harder it becomes to get it. Many, if not most in the foreign exchange market believe that ”they need to make money on this” or ”do they really quit your job and become fulltidshandlare”. Even if it really is admirable and lofty goal, such tänkemönster contribute to a cascade of psychological barriers to consistent handelsresultat …

Less is more in Forex

The most sought after dealers quickly realize that the path to successful trading will be a pain in the butt with an almost unlimited number of temptations. Such temptations will usually be based on a feeling that more analysis, or reading more handelsböcker, leads to better handelsresultat. Unfortunately, this call to be överintresserad with the foreign exchange market is usually what knocks out the traders from the way to become consistently profitable. Most traders become frustrated and try harder when they come out from the track when they think that the reason they do not achieve consistent results is that they do not put enough time or not trying hard enough. This makes the driver harder and put more time on studying and analyzing various market variables, this adds, of course, just more fuel to the fire of emotional handelsfel. Most traders never stop to consider that maybe try LESS and put less time to do technical or fundamental analysis that can actually improve their trading …

Of course, there are some basics that you must know and practice before you can harness the power of this set-and-forget style in Forex trading. Success in Forex trading is similar to success in human relationships – the best relationships usually requires not much effort from any one person when a certain understanding is reached between them. In a similar way it is when you understand how to properly read a price chart, can extra work or time used to analyze other external variables work against your forex trading.

Step away from the computer.

Why were you first interested in Forex trading? It was not so that you could sit in front of the computer all day or night and stare at your charts and trying desperately to manifest a handelssignal? For many prominent traders, this is the exact reality they find themselves in. When you learn how to trade with simple strategies, you do not need to sit in front of the computer all day completely have over analyzed and worried about. The absolute maximum you need to do is check the charts once every 4 hours (many successful traders look at them very rarely). Once every 8 hours or 24 hours is more than enough to earn consistent money in forex when you know what you are looking for.

Success in Forexhandeln is about discipline and that in the appointed times to check the chart. Once you know what you are looking for in the graphs you need not have to spend extra time on them. A good way to start this process is to say to yourself that you will monitor it every 4 hours and those daily charts once a day, at the New York city-the closure of the positions and then leave the possibility to check in again 4-6 hours later. Övertänk not your trading, sometimes our own human intelligence to have us considered in the market. This övertänkandet is useless because the market can not be controlled or influenced by a person’s thoughts. Trading teaches you that discipline to be used correctly.

”Hold only loosely, but do not release, if you clamp, you will lose control”

As we discussed earlier makes many traders the mistake to ”hold on to” their valutahandelsaktiviteter. There are really only two main results from this överintresse – you lose time and money. Simple trading strategies like Price Action actually gets more accurate as you move up in the time frame, in general.
Time frames act as filters; The higher time frames in forex filter out the meaningless market ”noise” in the lower time frames and will give you a more accurate representation of a possible imminent marknadsriktning. When you know how to interpret and use simple prissättningsuppsättningar you can use the power of tidsramfiltrets ability to free yourself from your little ”handelskontor”, at the same time as you become more consistent and accurate in your trades.

For many people, the belief that less is more in foreign exchange trading seem very motintuitiv and maybe just weird. If you do not accept this belief as a matter of fact, you are bound to get stuck in plus minus zero, which means that you can hit some good winners along the way, but in the end you will clear out your trading account or just hover on the even level at best.
Even if you missed a fabulous position, there will always be other opportunities, many traders treat forex trading as if every trading day is their last ever. It helps to remind you that the forex market will exist as long as there is a human civilization.

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