The remarkable quality of the ECN trading platform cTrader, FxPro

Have you heard of the trading platform cTrader ? It is the fruit of long work of the company, cTrader Limited based in London and was created in 2011. Ctrader is a platform offered to the traders by the broker FxPro (one of the leading forex brokers in the trading industry). The platform cTrader proves to be an excellent tool for currency traders as it allows trading type ECN making the price competitive to the traders in addition to a perfect execution of the trades in the market. In addition to the efficiency of the execution, the fluidity of the platform and its graphics attractive and developed cTrader solution benefits centralized particularly well adapted to the forex traders. Note that cTrader is available as a download, but also in the form of webtrader, to delight Mac users who have no problem to install this trading environment, since it does not require simply no.

A trading totally free

When trading on a platform of ECN trading like cTrader, it is totally free, and do in the face of no real restriction. Where we want to come back is that usually during events of economic importance (such as for example the presidential elections) with some brokers it is not possible to take a position because of the high volatility. In ECN brokers this problem does not exist and one can easily execute orders even when the market is hyper-active.

Improved performance

A trader to speculate on the financial markets using a trading account ECN enjoys a quality of the superior performance of its trades. The ECN does not require simply no the trader to “trade” with the broker and then it executes the trade at the market, the trader uses here directly to the interbank network which is connected to the broker to speculate. A broker ECN does not have a negative impact on the execution of trades and therefore enables you to see trades executed significantly earlier than at a broker in the standard execution, for example.

Trading conditions advantageous

On the trading platform cTrader, FxPro, a good number of currency pairs (major pairs) often have a spread variable between 0 pip and 0.5 pip. For example if on EUR/USD the spread is of the order of 0.1 of a pip, the commission ECN is then added to this and will represent the actual cost of the transaction to a trader.

At FxPro, each million dollar (after leverage) traded costs$ 45 to entry and$ 45 at the exit from the market.

For example, if one has an account in us dollars, we buy 1 lot (100.000$ after the effect of leverage) on EUR/USD during 1.0896 our commission will be 4.5 x 1,0896 x 2 is 9,8064$. This amount of 9,8056$ represents 0,98 pip (because trading 1 lot the pip value is$ 10), if one adds a spread of 0.1 pip at which time we would have taken the trade, it would therefore cost 1,08 pip in total, which is much less than the spread some forex brokers of the industry on this market.

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