The owner of the English football team Chelsea believe in kryptovalutornas success

Roman Abramowicz was considered to be the richest man in Central and Eastern europe, together with Alexander Abramov and Alexander Frolov. All they are interested in kryptomarknaden and looking for an opportunity to increase his wealth that is worth billions of dollars.

The owner of the English football team Chelsea believe in kryptovalutornas success reported that the popular investor who in 2003 became the owner of Chelsea football club, has together with two other businessmen esterat in a project called Blackmoon Crypto. The initiative aims to ”create a system for the cryptographic tokenbaserad funding”. It is worth noting that the subsidiary – Blackmoon Financial – total $30 million dollars during its ICO organization, with the Target Global, which has $500 million under its management.

Another Russian billionaire Roman Trotsenko working to implement a platform for the exchange of kryptovaluta and the issuance of new tokens : ”We are interested to invest in Bitcoin and just create the appropriate infrastructure”. Even if the platform has not yet been launched is its potential success has already investigated on the basis of the Russian authorities ‘ measures to control the exchange of the cryptographic tokens. The government’s position is currently unclear, and the last statement from the kommunikationsministeren suggested that Bitcoin would never get the status according to the Kremlin.

Dark clouds are gathering over the Russian kryptomarknaden

The Russian tjänstemänen has never been sympathetic to the technology behind the kryptomarknaden but recently they have tilted more and more with the idea of a strict public regulation. In one of the latest statements have the day of N. Nicoforov stated that Russia would never accept Bitcoin as a permanent part of its economy.

”Bitcoin is the offshore application based on the blockchain technology and the Russian legislature will never consider making it into a full-fledged means of payment in the federation,” – said Nikiforov – representative of the Russian Minkomswjaz.

Kryptovalutor is one of the hottest topics in Russia over the past few months. In the middle of October, the local government that they want to block access to the stock exchange that provides cryptographic tokens, a moment later issued Wladimir Putin an official request, which aimed at creating a legal framework for the taxation of the miners and settle the ICO-the market. Russia has in the last year had a turnover of 300 million dollars.

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