The number of complaints of scams at forex decreases according to the AMF

France is among the countries most active in trying to limit the illegal activities in the field of trading on the financial markets. The efforts of the AMF have led to a ban on the advertising of the products to be high-risk as tranposée the Sapin law II. The financial markets authority (AMF) cooperates strongly with the european financial authorities in order to put an end to the fraudulent activities of certain companies trading for French investors, despite the number of cases of scams remains high.

According to its annual report for the year 2016, the financial regulator would have received 6.577 complaints, we noted a decrease of 11% in the number of complaints compared to 2015, the year in which the number of complaints had been increasing by 31% compared to the previous year. The number of complaints declined, therefore, that the scams investment are always present.

As a reminder, the scams investment related to forex trading are put in place by companies that are not authorised (who do not have licenses), it is based very often on the harassment and psychological manipulation, the pressure of the commercial crooks is aimed at pushing investors to deposit money on a trading account and never make them.

In order not to fall into the trap of scammers, it is enough to simply avoid them. In order not to fall into the trap of scams in the investment in Forex it is therefore necessary to have recourse to a forex broker regulated in order to speculate on the financial markets. Remember that brokers such as eToro or FxPro, feature licenses, multiple financial regulators and offer products and services (brokerage), which correspond to the regulations of MiFID, there is therefore no fear vis-à-vis this kind of broker and it has to be, on the contrary, the privileged if one wishes to live a most enjoyable experience on in terms of trading.

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