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In today’s text, I want to introduce a little psychological curiosities and share some of my thoughts that came to me after reading the recent article by Nial Fuller.

He writes about the overwhelming influence of redundant information on the trade and the account balance. The lower intervals is defined as ”noise” and indicates the risks (t.ex. overtrading, gambling, excessive marknadseksponering). No doubt about the matter here. Moreover, the uploading of the information that He writes also related to the human psychophysical function in general.

The modern rapid development of everyday life and the development of technology to create specific conditions for most people’s lives. You will be bombarded with thousands of messages, words, images, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to assimilate this information, to process it, and use it for your own use. Evolutionspsykologer points out that, from a human development perspective, it is changes in the human environment that have occurred during the last decades, much faster than in the past. The human brain grows more slowly than the technology and those modern systems, and therefore, it is increasingly difficult to manage the incoming information.
Erik Mistewicz, author of the marketing strategies out that today absorbs the average person is about 100 to 500 words per day (an increase of 350% compared with the year 1980). It is well known that there are many interesting things and valuable knowledge that can successfully be used for personal use, but the human mind is not capable to use such a choice of so much material. Unfortunately, the consequence is an increase in voltage and a decrease of the accuracy of the decisions made. In such a informationsbrus it is difficult to focus, the tendency to skip important information and the inability to treat all of its data leads to stress.

Paradoxically speaking, the more we see and hear, the less we know. In order to function in the surrounding reality correctly, is the amount of information is not sufficient. More important is the ability to selectively receive the incoming content. Only then will we be able to handle all the information that reaches us. This however does not mean the need to cut themselves from the world, but rather to change the approach for the management of information. We need information, but we also need silence and time to reflect.

If we relate this to the trade, it is easy to understand why the low ranges, economic and political news contributes to making the correct investment decisions. For us, PA-practitioners should slutprisprestanda be a priority. Therefore I do not need to follow the information of the key people, the publication of key data and forecasts for the coming months.

But let us return to the psychology for a moment – in this discipline also has the term ”fatigue syndrome” (Dr. David Lewis) arose. Among its symptoms are listed physiological changes (increased muscle tension, increased blood pressure, impaired vision, indigestion, fatigue) and psychological (lower zest for life, a weakened ability to make decisions, fatigue, increase of frustration and aggression, problems concentrating and sleeping). People who are overloaded often can’t receive new messages, and have difficulties to understand even simple messages.

American psychologists talk about FOMO (fear of missing out). It can be described as a anxiety, that a person lacks something important. The way to deal with this unpleasant feeling means that, for many, constantly ensure that they are current. Therefore, they check to see constantly if they have not missed any calls or TEXT messages, often ”update” the record to see if there was any new message or are active in social networks where they control the reactions to their own posts (so-called ”like” and ”hate”). The fear of being uninformed leads to this type of coercion and on to greater stress. No new news or comments just becomes a source of concern ( ”why no one writes”, etc.), and the number of posts and responses in order to determine the start taking control over what we think about ourselves. The way from the simple difficulty that the bigger problem is simple: addiction, depression, or anxiety, or total unreal and sore in my life (because of the loss of the hierarchy of what really is important).

From the psychologist’s perspective, we can think that FOMO is developed on the basis of the basic human needs, or rather the fear of their lack of satisfaction – the need for social acceptation. One can further imagine that a single history of (t.ex. the satisfying of these needs in childhood) nor do they have any meaning in this situation. However, the causes of FOMO also be seen as fear to be alone with himself, with his thoughts and feelings. As a therapist I know, however, that it is necessary for healthy development. Therefore, we need to manage our time and the information that reaches us.

Finally, I want to quote a representative of abstract expressionism, Hans Hofmann: ”the Ability to simplify, eliminate redundancy, in order to let the necessary speak”.

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