The lazy handelskonceptet

When we think of a ”lazy person” with a relaxed think we see someone who is at home and watching tv on the couch with a bag of potato chips in one hand and a cheap beer in the other. One thing that we almost never associate with a lazy person is success or wealth; in Fact, we usually imagine that they are poor, dirty and unorganized. But today I am going to challenge these beliefs in our modern society I feel is an exaggeration to do more and to be a some sort of workaholic.

The word ”lazy” is often associated with negativity in most social circles, but depending on what you are able to lazy to actually be a good thing. To say that someone is a ”lazy person” is usually a gross generalization. You may be an athlete or a superfitnessfreak but you can still be lazy when it comes to investment, money and business. There is nothing wrong with this and it’s actually pretty normal to be lazy on some things in your life. To be ”lazy” or relaxed can actually increase your chances to succeed.

The lazy handelskonceptet that I use for today’s lesson is simply a metaphor for trading in a way that is more relaxed and the theory behind it is meaningful. Remember that I have been doing this for over 10 years and have witnessed thousands of traders and the different ways they shop. I know what are the attributes needed to be a good trader and laziness is probably probably one of the 5 most important features in my opinion. Relaxation, stress-free personalities tend to earn more money in trading and investments, while the serious thinkers and tvångsaktiga personalities tend to lose!

Lazy traders are not glued to their charts all the time
The best traders I know don’t bother analyzing the market or watching their charts all the time. They know that they can’t change the market, so they only set the order once some of the prices achieved or are they looking at the market in the morning and the evening briefly. Successful traders have a relaxed and stress-free strategy.

The most profitable traders and investors don’t check on their positions all night while they are supposed to sleep. They make a decision and lets the market determine the outcome without interruption or interference. Some might call this ”lazy,” while I call it ”smart” because it works and it is a good because of the ”set and forget” mentality that I believe in.

To be a good trader, we must do the opposite of everything that feels ”right”. It may feel ”right” to sit there and watch the markets all the time. But this really does nothing except that you are more inclined to do something silly as to go into a different position and close your own position before really moving on. It sometimes seems as if you need to sit there and ”analyze” the market for a long time and especially when you go into a trade, but you don’t need to do it, you need to actually do the opposite. Let the computer be ”lazy” with your trades and forget them for a while, so give you really your handelssätt a fair chance to play out.

The lazy trader and higher profits
How many times have you entered a valid handelsuppställning from the daily time frame and then began to look at the H4 or H1 chart, after that your trading become alive?

Lazy traders don’t sit there and look at their shops, they don’t look at each up and down movement during the intraday session, and thus eliminates most of the temptation to interfere with their activities. This leads to greater profits and a higher overall riskbelöning that recur in the long term. The reason is simply because they are not affected and hypnotiseras of the short-term fluctuations that tend to get traders to make emotional handelsmisstag. The lazy trader is down at the beach and drink a beer or spend time with his family, while the possessed merchant hangs over his computer and covers its open positions … which of those do you think makes a stupid emotionally handelsmisstag?

The lazy trader goes and settles while the obsessed trader is sömnberövad
Lazy traders are relaxed and calm; they get a good night’s sleep and let the market do its thing. When they wake up in the morning hit the on the computer and look at the price, in a few minutes and then continue with their lives.

The besattade kaffedränkta the merchant is sömnberövad that he has been up there and looked at the market until noon and 04:00 in the morning. He creates, in the end, his own failure by taking trading too seriously and övertänka each individual decision. The longer you sit there and ”think” about the markets and your trades, the more likely it becomes that you are doing something emotionally stupid.

Lazy traders develop confidence in their level of trading ability
There are basically two types of traders; those who start from a point without the stress or emotions and those who put pressure and emotions into the mix before they even make their first trade.

To push yourself to earn a lot of money will flood your body and mind with emotions and adrenaline, which of course will make you do stupid things that överhandel and överhantering of your account. If you just check the market before and after work each day, you will slowly but surely gain in confidence with better results because you to a large extent have eliminated the emotions from the mix.

The ”true” appearance of the market can easily be seen after the analysis of the PA on the chart for a few minutes at the end of each handelssession. But obsessed handelare sit there and continue to analyze the market, they try to anticipate all the kinds of things that ”can” happen, patterns and handelsuppställningar which is nothing other than the random price movement. Thus, works of this sort of trading in this obsessive way that just tear down your confidence as a trader, and only makes you more frustrated in the end. The lazy trader develops a better ”gut feeling” for the market because he is only looking at what is there and then moves on, instead of sitting there and trying to anticipate the various combinations of things that can happen.

Lazy traders develop positive handelsvanor
The lazy trader will open a EURUSD chart, looking for something that is obvious to act and either is or fits on the possibility. He is not concerned about the news or what the media says. He’s not over it and don’t care if he goes into the trade or not. Trading in this manner develops positive handelsvanor as you strengthens a minimalist trading strategy.

I myself am a minimalist and keep things simple and clean when it comes to trading. I can’t be stressed or worried about what the market is doing, I can pour not stand the thought of analyzing the market for hours or anything for that matter. I don’t listen to financial news and I are not considering what I do in the market or in life. I would much rather read a book / newspaper or watch a movie.

The fact is that I rather prefer to do something else than to rush.

It is usually so that the more serious and obsessed handelarna usually develops self-destructing personalities and are not willing to change. They actually believe that they can influence or change the market by focusing almost the entire life of the. But this could not be further from the truth!

The key to lazy trading
Simply said, you really need not worry about the outcome of any one trade, and you have to eliminate the desire to be on the market all the time. The easiest way to really care is that you are completely okay with the amount of money you risk per trade and the money you have risked on your trading account. You should only gamble the amount that allows you can forget about the trade.

You must also be sure of your handelssätt and your ability to trade it. If you do not have a trading strategy or you do not know what you are doing, you will not be safe enough to just watch the market a couple of times a day in brief. Instead, you sit there for several hours and try to manifest a signal, simply because you are not sure what you’re looking for in the market.

Lazy trader = better trading and better life
Whether it comes to business, commerce, relationships or life in general, we destroy them, often by doing too much, övertänka, overanalyzing, and simply de-stress ourselves or others to death.

Do yourself a favor … start to become a lazy trader! If you already are a lazy trader, good for you! To the people who have not yet been converted to the ”lazy tactics” – relax and enjoy your life.
Don’t lock yourself in the office or in your handelsrum and keep in mind that the more hours you rest, the better will be the outcome. Your wife / partner will probably notice a big change in your personality if you make the commitment to be more relaxed.

If anything that I have discussed in today’s article has turned on a light bulb in your head … encourage you to push for a change in your trading and your life. It is time to undo the damage you have already caused yourself and start fresh. Some people wake up to the idea that they should live a stress-free, relaxed handelsliv.

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