The advantages and disadvantages of bitcoin

This article, as we had proposed in 2014, is still valid. Back on an analysis that has not taken a wrinkle.

As a reminder, bitcoin is a virtual currency universal created in 2009, a currency that is different so that you can find on the forex. It is a monetary system independent does not need banks to ensure the processing of transactions. The exchanges are performed between peers.
Initially, only used by geeks, it has gradually spread all over the world. We present you with the advantages and disadvantages in this article.

Benefits of bitcoin
– Transfers almost instant, less than ten minutes and costs zero,
– Global Dimension of trade,
– Payment costs below those of bank cards or Paypal,
– No limit in the amounts transferred,
– No intermediary to store or transfer bitcoins,
– Possibility for anyone to redeem,
– Anonymity of transactions.

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