Share Amazon close to a$ 1,000, here’s how to invest in June 2017

The action of the giant e-commerce Amazon is on the verge of reaching$ 1,000 by value and this price level is announced as an investment opportunity potential for traders and investors, we are over$ 995 specifically on this market.

As you probably know, the psychology of round numbers that exist in the financial markets and this concept can be applied to a lot of financial markets. Widely used in the forex and equity indices, the round numbers also apply to the stock market. In addition to being round, the number that is “1.000$” is “big”, then what can we deduce ? Well it is very simple, usually these price levels ending in “00” tend to be regarded as targets, goals, market, they are stimulating the purchases (or sales) as soon as they are reached by the course, we therefore have a strong interest to consider the case of the action Amazon, which is more than two fingers of the levels of symbolic prize of a$ 1,000.

If we look at the historical chart of the action Amazon, on the trading platform of the broker eToro, in time unit D1 (daily), it is seen that by approaching the a$ 1,000 share price may face resistance well established technique that dates back to the year 2015. One can imagine that in the event of the crossing of this resistance level, the price may continue to grow in the upper part of the graph, and allow buyers the title Amazon to generate profits.

At what point in time buy the stock ? Well, why not use the technical indicator Bollinger Bands ? We could very well expect a range (tightening of the bands) and trading the explosion (upward trend). Concerning the rejection of the resistance and the threshold of a$ 1,000, you could very well find the same configuration, but under the price point of 950$, creating a new all-time low and in a configuration technique downward the course would have a good chance of correcting in the lower part of the graph. Below, two examples of the configuration to wait to buy the stock for Amazon (vice versa for the sale under the 950$).

Are you going to buy the stock Amazon in June 2017 ? On the basis of any trading strategy ? Or is it already part of your portfolio ? We recall that the trading action (and the action of Amazon in particular) is available in the forex broker eToro, in which the account opening is possible from 200€ only.

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