Question: Is the physical precious metals secure?

We have received a question from one of our readers:

‘Is the physical precious metals secure?’, Joanna.

Physical precious metals are the in särsklass safest and least demanding investment you can make in this sector. Despite this, the benefits are very large. Buy now, hold on to the investment and when the metals are becoming övevärderade again and there is a boom in the market, then you sell.

Because it is safe to invest in t.ex physical precious metals, it requires hardly any brain in order to succeed. What a great investor you are has more of an impact on how much work will be required of you.

There is a difference between saving and investing. You save to reach a specific goal or to save up for a higher quality of life in the future. Which investors are you prepared to take a little more risk to get higher returns. E.g. interest rates vary over time and are affected by business cycles and crises.


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