Forex Hebdomadaire Outlook – 26-30 Juin 2017

Le dollar AMÉRICAIN a connu un certain force grâce à la Fed “hawkish” de la randonnée. Peut-il continuer à avancer? La Fed peut continuer à influencer les devises grâce aux interventions de haut responsables de la Fed. En outre, nous avons des données sur le logement aux etats-unis et d’autres événements. Voici les faits saillants […]

Tip of the day: the challenges you should consider

Even experienced investors are grappling with their own emotions and impulses. When the stock market soars in the heights, we become afraid to miss the train. You have to be patient and believe in yourself. Learn from your mistakes Obtain you the experience of equity investments in practice. Learn from mistakes and do not be […]

AUD: Interne Vs Externe Pilotes: Où? – Barclays

La hausse du dollar Australien semble avoir atteint sa limite. Quelle est la prochaine? Voici leur point de vue, avec l’aimable autorisation de eFXnews: Barclays Capital Research voit un large plat à légère tendance à la baisse de l’AUD/USD au cours de la deuxième moitié de l’année, mais s’attend à ce que l’AUD en retrait […]

Oil prices fall to the lowest levels in seven months

The price of oil has fallen to its lowest level since december of 2016. The background is that the american producers of slate increases the production. In the morning traded brent crude for 44:75 dollars the barrel, which means that the price for the first time in 2017 have gone under 45 dollars. The u.s. […]

The stockholm stock exchange: the shares that goes against the tide

The stockholm stock exchange opened on Thursday in the red. Trade continues throughout the Thursday, but the market closes at 12 before midsummer. Sales had not yet reached 2 billion. Ahlsell, the distributor of installation products, has entered into a contract for the purchase of Saferoad Holdings Swedish VA-movement Viacon VA. The purchased business has […]