USD/SGD: Initial resistance to the bull dance?

Although the orientation of the 50 – and 200-SMAs on further upside potential close, was able to develop the USD/SGD last no upward momentum. Although the stochastic is in the 4-hour chart on the Mittellnie, but this need not necessarily lead to the Liquidation of large long positions. However, the stochastics shows in the 1-hour […]

NZD/USD remains in narrow trading range caught

The NZD/USD hourly chart is not just informative: it is missing the Pair to a direction and volatility. The 50 SMA is moving between the 200 – and 800-SMA, what is the trend of lack of shows. The ADX is below 30, which also speaks for a sideways movement. The prospects for the formation of […]

EUR/GBP: bears remain at the helm

The ADX indicator(14) in the 1-hour chart is rising from below 30 above the level of 50. This rare phenomenon makes the assumption that the EUR/GBP reached in the next few days of new lows. Special attention is paid to the case of the 200 SMA, because the GBP/could shoot the GBP in the short […]

AUD/NZD moves currently hardly

The following AUD/NZD Setup, based on the 1-hour chart. It is a weakening of the technical structure, while the volatility is very low. The trade will take place under the 50 EMA, indicating a bearish development. This will confirm if there will be more SAR indicator dots above the price. The low volatility will increase. […]

EUR/JPY reaches 1-year high

FXStreet The EUR/JPY is to 124,53 increased, what is the highest level in a year. Was driven by the decline of the Japanese Yen in the market, and although EUR/USD fell below 1,0900. • Yen remains behind the Rest of the G10 currencies, the mood seems to dominate EUR continues rally after a short-lived correction […]