Important investment advice

Investing is like swimming or riding a bike, difficult to learn without practical exercises. But most of the serious investors have also had some means of formal training and some important tips and advice. To read much can, to a large extent replace the formal education, provided it can be basic mathematics. An ironic definition […]

Oil prices rise after sanktionshot

Oil prices reached their highest level in two months, the highlight of shrinking oil stocks in the united states and sanktionshotet against OPEC-member Venezuela, reports Reuters. ”U.s. oil inventories have large reductions, saudi Arabia seems to want to play its role as the world’s ’swing producer’ and the USA is threatening sanctions against Venezuela. This […]

Video: astrazeneca soars on stock market

The stockholm stock exchange moves around the zero mark. At 10 o’clock had the OMXS-index went down 0.2 percent. New York-stock markets finished Friday in different directions. Sales amounted to sek 2 billion. Statistics from statistics SWEDEN showed that the labour cost index (AKI) for the private sector, excluding agriculture and forestry, increased by 2.8% […]

Forex Trading : How to beat the market ?

To beat the forex market, it is necessary to take the advantage on the latter. This requires the development of a trading strategy effective and a perfect mastery of the subtleties and secrets of this activity. To help you improve your chances of success on the forex, here are our tips. Prefer a position with […]

GBP/USD Prévisions de juillet 31-Août. 4 2017

GBP/USD inversé les directions de la semaine dernière et a gagné 110 points. La paire a clôturé à 1.3120, son plus haut niveau depuis septembre 2016. Ce sont 10 événements de cette semaine. Voici un outlook, les faits saillants de cette semaine et une mise à jour de l’analyse technique pour le GBP/USD. Au royaume-UNI, […]

USD/CAD Prévision juillet 31-Août. 4

Le dollar Canadien continue à briller, et a enregistré un cinquième droites gagnante de la semaine. USD/CAD a clôturé la semaine à 1.2416, son plus bas clôture hebdomadaire depuis le mois de juin 2015. Cette semaine, l’événement clé est la Variation de l’Emploi. Voici un regard sur les principaux marchés-déménageurs et une mise à jour […]

AUD/USD Prévisions de juillet 31-Août. 4

AUD/USD a affiché des gains pour une troisième semaine consécutive. La paire a clôturé à 0.7981, sa meilleure clôture hebdomadaire depuis le mois de Mai 2015. L’événement majeur de cette semaine est la RBA Monétaire de l’Instruction et de la Vente au Détail. Voici un regard sur les principaux marchés-déménageurs et une mise à jour […]

Wall Street: the fall to wait

Futures on the u.s. stock exchanges was down in anticipation of Friday’s opening. The S&P 500 the semester is one hour ahead of the opening down 0.2 percent and the Nasdaq were expected to open down 0.7 percent. Analysts ‘ expectations are low at a sale of 793 million dollars, when it comes to the […]

The crown strengthened after strong GDP figures

The Swedish krona strengthened against both the dollar (8 penny) and the euro (9 penny) on the foreign exchange market and the Swedish bond yields rising after the announcement that gdp growth in sweden increased more than expected in the second quarter, 1.7 per cent. Compared with the second quarter of 2016, GDP increased 4.0 […]