Se préparer pour la Fed – Marché Ouvert de 7:00 GMT

Le livre est en train de lécher ses plaies, l’euro est stable et le huard est de ralliement, mais maintenant tout est à propos de la Fed. Vont-ils fournir une position accommodante de la randonnée? Nous couvrons tout ce qui bouge dans les marchés, avec un accent sur la Réserve Fédérale. Rejoignez-moi pour un marché […]

Forex technical analysis of the 14/06/2017

Dear readers, Each morning, the team offers you the technical analysis of the day to the main cross of the foreign exchange market for the meeting of the 14/06/2017. To put all the chances on your side, don’t forget to check our Forex charts in real-time. And most importantly, don’t forget to place your […]

How to trade the australian dollar ?

The australian dollar or dollar-AUD is the fifth currency most traded on the foreign exchange market. It is found in approximately 7.6% of the transactions. How to optimize his trading ? This is what we’ll see today. The australian dollar or the currency of the raw materialsAustralia exports a lot of raw materials. At the […]

Which intervenes on the foreign exchange market ?

Found on the foreign exchange market, the different stakeholders : commercial banks, institutional investors, central banks, multinational companies and individual investors. Some are more active than others. Let us look at this in more detail. The commercial banks are the most important players in the market. Of themselves, they represent 43% of the transactions in […]

Collector – is there any value in them?

To be coin collectors is what it sounds like, the collecting and study of coins, medals and paper money simply. Should you invest in collector coins? Yes, they are beautiful to look at and in ädelmetallboom, some of them do very well, but the point is that there are only a few that rise high […]

Gold is testing support

The latest price of gold low to the north. These increases are, however, significantly slower than previous downturns and is located in tillväxtkanalen. For the first time since september 2011, breaking the course of the descending trend, but the growth can only reach the april highs, in which a dubbeltopp formation was formed. Since then […]

Analysis for beginners: the NZD / USD, the 13.06.2017

The chart H4 shows the positive outburst from the consolidation (a sign of the likely continued growth). The course gets more interesting in the higher ranges. Chart D1: the Price has for a long time, respected the edges of the channel. It is logical to make new highs suggests that the trend will continue, at […]