Nestor Armstrong – self-employed in the health sector, a popular investor at eToro

Nestor Armstrong is one of the traders that pay high returns with low investment risk. After analyzing the composition of his portfolio and the transaction history, I decided to copy his game. As he says himself – he belongs to a group of investors with medium-and long-term investment horizon. I urge you to read the short interview with Nestor, in which he describes his approach to trading.

Hi Nestor, introduce yourself to our readers. Who you are, where you come from and what do you do daily?

I called Nestor Armstrong, the self-employed in the health sector, I am a popular investor at eToro, and also a writer. I am from Monterrey, an industrial city in northern Mexico.

Wow, you have quite a lot of interest. We can easily see how you are doing in the market, but can we buy your books anywhere?

You have to wait a year or two 😉 unlike some of the already published stories and articles in several magazines, I want my books to find a good publisher. It takes time, but I am good at it.

Why did you invest? How started your adventure with the financial markets?

I finished my studies in biomedical technology then I thought that my career would always be connected to the healthcare industry. But after reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, I began to wonder how I would get rid of this everyday treasure hunt. I wanted to have the freedom to choose, I wanted to invest like the rich… I decided then that I would not give up and I would not be satisfied with just a diploma on the wall. I decided to be truly financially independent, and the best way to do this is to invest.

Kiyosakis book is truly one of the most-read categories. As a writer who actively invest, would you recommend any other articles? Do you think that books can make us a profitable trader?

Of all the good books about finance and investments I have read, I can recall only a few of them. Money, Master the Game by Tony Robbins, Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing by Kiyosaki, You Can If You Think You Can by Norman Peale, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, and Trading Habits by Holly Burns. These books impressed me the most and I recommend them to all who are starting their adventure with the markets.

When it comes to the second part of the risk in the trade is reduced with knowledge. We find knowledge in many sources, including books. I believe that the more we know about the market, finance and investment, the better decision we make. We risk less in the trade. This allows us to be profitable traders.

Can you describe your investment strategy? Your statistics show that you just had a bad month in the year. How do you choose companies for your wallet?

As you can see from my risk score is I’m a very cautious investor. I invest in shares of companies with established positions, as have higher returns than the S & P500 index.
I’m trying to diversify my portfolio. This is why you will find kryptovalutor, gold, government bonds. When I do not see the market opportunities, I do not try to force me to put my money in any company. I invest when the situation is conducive.

In August, you bought JP Morgan shares for 91,95 dollars per share. How did you go in such a place at such a price?

My portfolio is divided into five sections. One of them is the financial sector. This is a part of the market is worth over 322 billion dollars. JP Morgan is the institution that is associated with all, the bank’s financial results improved still and the return we got from that to buy JP Morgan shares exactly a year ago, clearly exceeded the returns from the whole market.

Currently these shares are not so cheap. However, I am sure they still have room for continued growth, and you can earn it.

You mentioned kryptovalutor. At the end of August corresponded to the 23% of your portfolio. Do you call yourself a Bitcoin fan? Maybe you’re one of those who have been attracted by the incredible variety of this type of instrument?

I like the idea behind Bitcoin. I invested in kryptovalutor because I don’t like physical banknotes. I don’t like to carry them with me, it is uncomfortable to use, it can easily be lost or stolen. I like the idea of transferring all property into a digital space.

I think kryptovalutor is a step forward. In times when modern technology surrounds us in almost every corner around the everyday life seems notes be a uttdöende art. I expect to kryptovalutor will get even more popularity in the coming years.

Do you have any favorite kind of instrument?

Not necessarily, although I have to admit that it is nice to use the products or services of the company one owns. You have a feeling that you are not just a customer without owner also. It is much easier for me to invest in shares in a company that not only has good performance but also products that I use and believe in.

I know what you’re talking about. Some examples?

Visa and Mastercard. It is a good feeling when a part of the money comes back to you just because you pay with a card. I am also an Apple fan. I also work on a project whose key element will be Alibaba’s services. As you can see I have shares in companies whose products and services are really useful in their portfolio.

Why did you choose eToro? What makes you invest on this platform?

When my adventure with the markets started, I contacted several mexican brokers. I was also interested in the offer from such international giants such as Schwab or Ameritrade. But all of these companies had their requirements, forms and tons of paperwork that needed to create an account. It was a nightmare, a real bureaucracy.

I’m a pretty simple guy. I like to make things clear, I do not like the unnecessary complications of simple things. So I turned to on eToro offer. The establishment of the account turned out to be a simple, I did not have to notify dozens of confirmations, write hundreds of papers. I just read the rules and accepted the terms and conditions.
I like to use the virtual platform I can trade wherever I am. I do not need a computer, I just need a mobile. A great plus is, of course, the opportunity to participate in the Popular Investor program, where you can receive compensation for your trading. I am really satisfied with eToro and for me there is no better platform.

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