Mutual funds in Sweden, part 1

Sweden is a saving country. 76 percent of svennskarna save funds, private or via an occupational pension. If we expect premiepensionern saves all swedes aged 18-76 years in mutual funds. Furthermore, 6 of the 10 children of a mutual fund. It is a very high figure from an international perspective. 3 of the 4 swedes save in funds.

The most profitable are savings in clean aktiefnder, even if it is more risky than, for example, fixed income funds and mixed funds. Savings on the Swedish mutual fund market should give a return in line with the Stockholm stock exchange’s return, which historically rise at an average of 7.8 per cent per year.

Sweden funds is the most common fund types among Swedish investors. For a well balanced and broad fondportfölj will provide sufficient diversification of risk, it may be useful to complement sweden funds with, for example, global funds. It is not enough to have an overview of the Swedish stock market. There are many more parameters to consider when it comes to funds, the countries ‘and regions’ development, the global economy and the currency, corporate results, whose composition and nominee’s achievements. In order to be able to orientate themselves in the gigantic offer of thousands of funds, equity funds, index funds, global funds, regionfonder, småbolagsfonder, mixed funds and hedge funds requires patience and curiosity beyond the ordinary.

There are many ways to go when it comes to choosing mutual funds, but the following points may provide some guidance:

-actively managed equity fund: select one or more of sweden funds, which had historically good performance in a number of years, and that has a skillful and personal manager who enjoys and verkarkomma to remain in the fund for the foreseeable future. The history says nothing about the future, but past performance can provide a guide.

-index fund with low costs: choose one or several funds with low costs that is related to any of the Swedish stock market index.

fund with low costs: choose one or more funds in the long term, at least 10 years, is expected to provide a reasonable return.


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