Money, mindset and knowledge

It doesn’t matter how much money you have, it doesn’t matter how good the analytik you are, and it doesn’t matter how much you think you know about trading, if you do not have the right mindset and knowledge.

Your success or failure in the market depends primarily on your mindset. Most traders know how important psychology is in trading, but they send it away as something they should ”work on later”, or they ignore it altogether. Big mistake. HUGE.
If you are trading with the wrong attitude, it doesn’t matter if you have fifty large risk capital to trade with or not – you will fail. No strategy and no amount of will give you money if you do not have the right knowledge and the right attitude.
Let us discuss some of the most important aspects that you need to understand if you want to achieve your goals.

Money and mindset

The risk affects your mindset. The most important factor when it comes to achieving and maintaining the correct handelshänsynen, is to manage your risk.
Risking more than you are prepared to lose the will to ”infect” all the other aspects of your trading. That is to say, it will make you too emotional and attached to the trade.
The more you chase it, the weaker will be the precision. There is a direct correlation between how much money you risk on a trade and how emotional you get if you do.
The key is to make small quantities when you start trading live. You will need to ”test the waters” to find your ”sweet spot”. Start with a small amount.


Many private investors messes things up unnecessarily. To invest directly in shares can seem difficult in the beginning, but is relatively simple if you acquire some basic knowledge about shares and risk, as well as orient itself in how investments and markets work. To invest directly in shares is not as difficult as you might think.

Gain the basic knowledge by reading magazines and books. There are also content-rich websites which gives introduction to equity investments, and where you can get a grip on investments.

Stock market psychology is a fascinating theme. How much knowledge and experience you have as an investor, are you affected by the stock market in different ways. Even experienced investors are grappling with their own emotions and impulses. We get inundated by advice from analysts and the media. When the stock market soars in the heights, we become afraid to miss the train and get far too often on the wagon at the rear. You have to be patient and believe that the analysis you made is the right one.

We are all different people and not everyone has as easy. It is important to learn to know oneself in relation to money and investments. And it does so only by investing in the reality. One way to minimize the initial risk is to start reading.

Take it easy. Read on and have fun. Learn on the way. Don’t wait too long. Särr started dikrekt when you have finished reading the book. Visit the various events.


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