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Trading is a very personal and intimate thing

Trading is a very personal and intimate thing. There is no one size that fits all. A strategy that works very well for one person, will not work for another – even if it is 100% technical. The fact is that there are many systems in the world, and no two traders will ever perform […]

RBA ne devrait pas modifier les taux à court terme

Résumé: RBA maintient des taux d’intérêt à 1,50% RBA signaux que les taux d’intérêt restent stables à court terme RBA optimiste sur le chômage, s’attend à une croissance des salaires à la hausse La faible inflation sur le compte des prix du pétrole, mais les salaires, la croissance pourrait se voir donner lieu à l’inflation […]

The road to success – the ”Less is more”

The more we want something the harder it becomes to get it. Many, if not most in the foreign exchange market believe that ”they need to make money on this” or ”do they really quit your job and become fulltidshandlare”. Even if it really is admirable and lofty goal, such tänkemönster contribute to a cascade […]