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GBP/USD holds easily in profit, trading around 1,2950

FXStreet – The GBP/USD is with the Asian session on Tuesday slightly positive acted. Currently, the trade will take place at 1,2950, while the Couple from the strong rise of the British Retail Consortium Like-for-Like Sales for April 2017, which achieved year-on-year to 5.6%, after -1.0% in March. On the other hand, the course is […]

EUR/GBP remains in a tight trading range caught

The EUR/GBP hourly chart is not just informative: it is missing the Pair to a direction and volatility. The 50 SMA is moving between the 200 – and 800-SMA, what is the trend of lack of shows. The ADX is below 30, which also speaks for a sideways movement. The prospects for the formation of […]

EUR/GBP moves currently hardly

The following EUR/GBP Setup, based on the 1-hour chart. It is a weakening of the technical structure, while the volatility is very low. The trade will take place under the 50 EMA, indicating a bearish development. This will confirm if there will be more SAR indicator dots above the price. The low volatility will increase. […]

USD/CHF: beware of a strong rally

Good bids in USD/CHF lead to the rise of the ADX above the 50-mark, what is happening an upward trend on the 1-hour chart signal. The fact that the ADX was above 10 hours, still under 35, the Situation is rare, but not unheard of. This strong upward momentum the Trader is prompted to adjust […]

GBP/USD MACD indicates a downward movement

GBP/USD forms höhers High, which is confirmed by new high points in the MACD. The selling pressure could increase soon. In the last two weeks has developed a bearish divergence between the price of the GBP/USD and the MACD. Thus, the increase of the GBP/USD has not been confirmed, which is interpreted as a “red […]

Oscillators behave in the USD/SGD positive

The improving upward momentum of the last few days resulted in the USD/SGD, the MACD has overcome its middle line. This could the seller get their Short to close positions, what is the demand among the potential USD/SGD buyers enhances. On the daily chart, the oscillator is not to be found for at least 3 […]

Bearish EUR/USD Formation with positive mood

The Hanging Man from the day before yesterday in the EUR/USD Chart, signaling an impending end to the trend in the next few days or weeks. The ROC oscillator shows a bullish bias, after he was able to rise above the 3 point mark. The bears have, according to the candlestick formation the command, but […]

In the EUR/USD the bears take command

A Evening Star pattern in the daily chart of the EUR/USD. The Evening Star is a summit of education and is considered as a reversal signal after an uptrend. It occurs in the Form of a small candle, whose body is above the first candle’s body. The third candle penetrates far into the body of […]

Forex technical analysis of the 09/05/2017

Dear readers, Each morning, the team offers you the technical analysis of the day to the main cross of the foreign exchange market for the meeting of the 09/05/2017. To put all the chances on your side, don’t forget to check our Forex charts in real-time. And most importantly, don’t forget to place your […]