Macron-victory is likely to give the Euro back wind – Commerzbank

FXStreet – at Least in the option market is still a residual risk that an election victory for Marine Le Pen in the French presidential election priced in, what is the Euro for the time being, more brakes, said Antje Praefcke, Commerzbank expert.

Important Quotes:

On Sunday upcoming second round of presidential elections in France, has impressed the Euro last. The projection Emmanuel Macrons in front of Marine Le Pen remains after heated TV debate on Wednesday night. Exciting it was, what it could say Le Pen in the case of their victory on the future of the Euro. But she remained very vague: she wanted a new currency, the Euro could then use the Central banks and large companies, but not of the small man and the small businesses, which is precisely what also works in the Wake of the currency corridor between 1993 and 2002.

Apart from the historical inaccuracies of this statement: what’s that supposed to mean in Detail, remained unclear. Of course, a small residual risk remains of a Le Pen victory, at the option of the market more attention than in the spot market – after all, a certain distrust of surveys remains after the experience at the Brexit Referendum and the US presidential election.

Macron should win on Sunday, actually, this is likely to give the Euro some short-term tailwinds.

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