Is trading the right choice for you? – A day trader

Do you want to be a professional trader? You know exactly what it means? How does your day look like? In what ways should you trade? Daily charts, the 4-hour chart, tick chart? How much time should you sit in front of the computer? How does your preparation look like? Where should you do it, when should you do it, what tools should you use? How do you ensure your mental health and a proper balance between work and private life? Training, the time you will spend with your family and friends? How does your office look like? There are lots of questions you must answer before you make a step forward.

These issues can usually be categorized in

a) what you want and

b) how you organize yourself to get what you want.

You need to have a very clear picture in your mind about how your life will look like, just as you need to have a very clear picture of your future trading. I think that many people have a romantic view of life, while others are drowning in the panic. This job is not for someone with weak heart. You must feel good, because you go into a relationship that will affect your daily life, from your social relationships, how you feel, in general, on both the good and negative ways. It will change you as a person and it will teach you a lot about yourself. If you forget it, the market will swallow you. If you tame it you will do and feel things you never even dreamed about before. You must be willing to go in 100%. Your whole life must be adapted for success in the market. It does not mean that you are not going to have time for other things. You just need to be very organized and incredibly disciplined. There is no time for Youtube or social media, or whatever. You need to be able to say no to something when it comes to your main trading hours. These 3-4 hours a day is important and no one can interfere with it. Close the door, put on the headphones and forget about the rest of the world. There is no multi-tasking. Only you and the markets. Do one thing at a time, but do it right. When you’re hanging with your friends do not look down on your crazy phone. And when you work with the markets, don’t talk to your crazy friends (;-)). Just because you are home does not mean that you are ready to hang out. This is your job. You and your friends need to respect it.

I have learned to structure my day in order to reach absolute peak performance in every single handelssession that I take.

Early morning routine: always the same

I did not look at my phone and / or screen in about 1 hour after being woken up. I wake up at 7, make breakfast for my wife, taking her to the job. I will be home, practicing yoga and stretches in 1 hour. At 9 o’clock I’m finished with the workout for the day, unless I am not martial arts training in the afternoon (2 times per week). I take a shower and eat breakfast. These three steps always look the same.

The late-morning routine

At 10 I’m usually ready to hit the office. I use Wunderlist to organize and remind me about any upcoming things and my daily recurring tasks such as: reviewing yesterday’s business, replying to a message, write articles, and so on. The tasks I do every day is actually the same, but I do not always do them in the same order or in the same way. This is incredibly important to me. I am a creative person, and I hate dullness. If I have to do the same thing every day in the same way, I will become depressed, lose productivity and not do anything anymore. In order to keep up the productivity, I need to mix things up. This is easy to do: Sometimes I play only video games in the 2 hours before I do anything. Or I write an article in the morning before I eat breakfast. Or I write it in the evening after the trade. Important is that I get it done.

Lunchtime: Eat, watch, sleep

I take a nap in 20 minutes, it is important that I can rest for 1 minute and then feel me up to date for the next 10 hours of work. To work and eat at the same time is a good thing for me. Food is sacred, and you must protect it. I laws usually something to myself. Eating out every day makes me crazy and I like to count my calorie intake. While I eat I see something relaxing.

Afternoon: creative time

The morning is reserved for routine tasks such as replying to a message and take care of administrative things, talk with our programmers and developers, book/buy things and take care of visas and so On, in the afternoon, I prefer to do things that require a bit more grey matter. Interviews, writing articles, reviewing my trades from yesterday, working on my strategy, and work on business ideas and so On, in the afternoon, I am more productive with these things than in the morning.

Noon: Light and full of energy

Social time! During the week I have not very much of it and it is okay. I pick up my girl from work and eat dinner with her, trying to spend quality time. That means, no phone, no disturbances at all. You start enough to know of why I hate smartphones so much.

Handelstid: preparation and full focus

Before I start trading I do a lot of stuff. I look at the session from the previous day. I was looking through the book with the worst mistakes I ever made. I’m looking at the best business I have ever done. I look at the market itself and how it went during the day, I agree with prisåtgärden. I read the rules for my trading strategy. It takes about 30 minutes. During the trade I’m putting on my headphones and listen to really slow, relaxing music. It takes 3-4 hours. During these hours I usually shop. After handelssessionen I get up, smoke a cigar and drink whisky, along with some snacks, because I am always hungry. I usually meet a friend and we talk about the day, the world, this life, in about an hour. Then I go to bed, read for about 30 minutes and sleeps for about 7 hours.

This is my trading day – from Monday to Friday, from 16 to 17 hours a week. Everything I do is to improve my performance in the markets. Even in video games. And it is important to understand: the more work does not automatically mean that you make more money. Creativity and productivity will only be achieved through the relaxed phase during which your brain can be developed. The more money I make, the more joy I can spread in my relationships, the more relaxation I can get through the workout and the video games, the more focus and concentration I can get through nutrition. I’m in the middle trading system. Everything I do is designed to increase my performance in the markets, whether it is relaxing by the tv games (I just play relaxing games that don’t require much decision-making as ego-shooters) or eat certain foods, or working hard for my other companies. And it will pay off.

Remember: be extraordinary, be vigilant, be smart, was tålamodig and eventually you will start making money in this game.

Do not try to fit your daily routine to my daily routine. It will not work.

Try to find out what makes you work, what makes you happy, what makes you intense and exhausted, and what makes you relaxed.

Adjust all the knowledge for a purpose: to give you all the power and confidence you need during your daily handelssession. So here you begin to change your life and there is no other way. This is the only way.

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