In order to succeed in life, you need to do more of what you hate

This is the exact opposite of what we all have learned from our life: ”Do what you love, so you will be happy,” and we usually don’t think about when our basic beliefs are challenged.

But I have never heard a stupider and more misleading advice, and in a world where 52% of americans are unhappy at work [1], only 33% of them said that they were very happy in life [2], 16 million adults (nearly 7%) in the united states have been affected by depression [3], differ – between 53% (US) and 70% (Belgium) [4] and 35% of the population is obese [5], we should start questioning our own ”status quo”.

”To do what you love” sounds like a good advice in the beginning, but it will not help us to lead a happy or successful life. The fact is that it often becomes the opposite.

To feel happy is much more than just to do things you like. We enjoy to eat junk food or food that is not exactly the best, instead of looking at our diet, we prefer to watch a movie or play video games instead of dealing with the tough math problem before our exam; we sit and watch YouTube videos, spend time on social media or have a few (too many) drinks with our friends is generally more fun than a hard workout.

But there is certainly a place for leisure and we need to not only go through our lives as robots go from achievement to achievement. But if you have big dreams and goals and you complain too often, this article is for you.

Entrepreneurship is not ”cool”
People want to now call themselves entrepreneurs, and ”be their own bosses” at the same time as they have ”the freedom to do what they want”.

But to be an entrepreneur is something much more. To sell your own clothes and create a brand, code a new software or an app or start a blog in order to live sounds great and exciting but …

… the ”contractors” must soon realize that by making a better-looking shirt, code a better software or to be a good writer, do not pay all the bills.

Accounting, sales, marketing, customer support, website and social media management are activities that are less ”sexy” but it contributes much more to overall affärssuccè than to be able to use Photoshop or coding a new software.

80% of new businesses fail within the first 12 months! [6] and it is not that people are not enthusiastic, have bad products, or not working hard enough. It is often that these entrepreneurs are focusing on the wrong things and only focus on what they love and what is easy for them. The best product will not help you if nobody knows about it, or if your books are incorrect. Stop romanticize things and start doing the real job, whether you like it or not.

The starving artist
Many people want to do something ”artistic” and follow their passion because they are not ”good with numbers” and do not like to work in an office.

You must be good at marketing to make people aware of your work, you have to become a salesman so that you do not sell under value and you have to be an accountant to keep your books and not get into trouble with the local authorities.

It is all things that are not artistic, but they will contribute more to your success as an artist than to paint beautiful pictures.

Lebron James and Michael Jordan
Do you think Lebron or Jordan just retrieved the ball when they felt good? Of course not! Jordan was always the first who started to practice and the last who left the idrottplatsen. They had to sacrifice a lot, skip the birthdays, miss out on important events and focus on themselves.

Inspiration is for amateurs – the rest of us wake up and go to work. – Chuck Close

I can strongly recommend the autobiography of Schwarzenegger because of his obsession and work ethic are truly inspiring. He made lots of sacrifices, had to overcome the obstacles and did anything to get to the top.

If you really believe that athletes at the top just did what made them happy, then you are completely lost. You have to work when everyone else is asleep or resting, you must go to the 5th workout, skip the party with your friends, miss the christmas dinner and follow instead your regement if you want to develop your contest.

People have a wrong belief that the trading is a dream job because you can just sit at home, watch a screen and click with your mouse to make the absurd a lot of money …

If there is one thing that trading is not, then it is a ”exciting” and simple way to earn a lot of money.

The reality of trading is very different. To be a trader means to do a lot of research, prepare maps, analyze setups, work hours with medical records, working alone and isolated, exercise patience, and be okay with not having any trade in a few days or a week, stay mentally strong during the uttagsperioder and not jump in when the market is fooling you over and over again.

As a merchant you will be doing a lot of tedious and annoying tasks. If this is not the case right now, I am sure that your results are not where you want them to be.

Stop reading through the various trade forum, stop hanging on Twitter, don’t try new EAs (algos), another indicator or a new price. Do the hard work and do more of what you don’t like.

Growth through pain!
A tree will only grow thicker or stronger when the wind nearly destroying it. Otherwise it is not necessary to grow and wasting energy needed for growth.

A muscle grows only when we are overloading it and work harder than it usually does. Big muscles is not effective if we don’t need them.

In life, in business or in sport, we can only grow through adversity and work harder than what we are accustomed to. If you continue to do what you’ve always done, you’ll get the same results. In order to get different results, you must dig deep and do things that no one likes to do.

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