I can definitely describe myself as a big fan of kryptovalutor – a conversation with MemoBeltran

Social trading provides a number of opportunities – not only can it improve our marknadsutbildning by we analyze the other trading behavior, but also further handelsinkomster. In conversation with the Memo Beltran, we discussed the process of social learning, the benefits of social commerce, and even … Bitcoins future.

Welcome. Where are you from? What do you do every day?

Hello, my name is Memo, I’m a dataforskare and the Internet is my passion. I come from Mexico and where I run a family business.

So why did you invest? How started your adventure with the financial markets?

I have always been fascinated by the world of finance. One day I had the opportunity to participate in a aktiemarknadsseminarium and then began my adventure… My first market experience was the shares on the mexican stock market (Bolsa Mexicana de Valores, BMV). Later I became interested in foreign markets, especially the u.s. stock market, commodities, etc, of Course there was also time for the currency market, binary options and finally kryptovalutor. It is precisely kryptovalutor that got my attention, especially because they combine my two passions – finance and the internet.

I guess I know what you’re talking about. When you are analyzing your investment portfolio, I see that it is based on the kryptovalutor. The assets it is all about is Bitcoin and Ethereum. But I also see many shares and some transactions in the foreign exchange market. How do you select a potential transaction?

I use many strategies. I am relying on news, rumors and technical analysis. I happen to also speculate – especially on kryptaovalutor where the volatility makes such operations extremely profitable. But I do only if it is attractive to the profit / risk ratio.

Can you tell us a little bit about the decision-making process? How do you find stocks you think are undervalued?

There are several ways to find such a gem. One of them filters the potential companies through the stock screener. Then I go to analyze their charts in order to find the input level. I like to change the shares is high. When people are interested in a particular company is its documentation, which are usually more volatile. A traders are looking for this volatility in order to use it to their advantage.

What is said about Bitcoin? Do you believe in the future krypovalutor? Do you have any predictions related to this market?

I can definitely describe myself as a huge fan of kryptovalutor. I am very optimistic about Bitcoin and I look forward to the future …

Do you have any target level for that target Bitcoin?

It is difficult to anticipate a certain level here. There are people who believe that Bitcoin, in just a few years will cost 50k USD. Others say that 550 000 USD will be reached before 2021. Personally, I think that about 15k USD at the end of 2019 is the most likely.

Why you buy Bitcoin at eToro? Why is you eToro at all?

eToro is not the only platform I use, but it is my favorite because of social commerce. I used to invest in låneplattformar that was once very popular in Mexico, which BTCPop, loanbase or btcjam. All of these were related to the kryptovalutor. Currently I also use Poloniex, Bittrex and Cryptopia.

But you’re not a big fan of social trading. Other traders are building their portfolio on the only 0,26%. So why did you share your games with others?

To share their games is also a good way to learn trading. If I have the opportunity, why not use it? In addition, the popular investerarprogrammen also a great way to encourage social commerce.

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