How to develop strong Vietnam Lessons for start-up

The only way for a country to develop is to find a distinct monetization advantage and the money it has to earn from outside the country. Vietnam wants to thrive and can not stand outside of this rule.

Vietnam has undergone 30 years of renewal. The achievements are great, but Vietnam has not had such strong surges as the same year as Korea, Japan, Thailand. We wasted a lot of time when we did not find Keypoint. Bottom line) of economic development.

In 1990, Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter published the results of an intensive research effort that explores why some countries succeed and others fail to compete in the nation. fall. Porter and his colleagues studied a total of 100 industries in 10 different countries. Like proponents of new trade theory, Porter’s work is guided by the belief that current theories of international trade only point to a part of the story. For Porter, the crucial task is to explain why a country achieves international success in a particular industry. Porter calls this the National Competitive Advantage.

According to brand experts, the study by Michael Porter explains another perspective called “Make Money” differently than other countries in the world or “Unique Selling Point”.

The USP explains why Thailand has 30 million visitors while the tourist advantage is not even much worse than Vietnam. Or Japan rose to the world number 1 in the industry of high-rational production, but lower prices. Or as Singapore becomes the representative office center of corporations and companies around the world when doing business in Asia

The only way for a country to develop is to find a distinct monetization advantage and the money it has to earn from outside the country.

1. If you can not get money from people but only transfer domestic assets, the country does not increase income at high speed.

2. If you do not find and make a USP advantage then it will be very difficult to get money from the galaxy because other countries have the USP they will take.

3. Without this USP, Vietnam does not have the centralized power of the whole nation, but it will be fragmented. The impact of dispersing resources is something that does well but is not good at anything.

4. Without this USP, Vietnam will lose the opportunity to create a long-standing or specialized heritage to create a unique Ethnic Culture such as Hebrew, Japanese, Chinese and respected throughout the world that will Faded and like other cultures and is only remembered as a strange folk trait.

When the country has a remarkable strength with other nations, the Vietnamese will be more respected in the eyes of international friends and economic development and international integration will become much easier. .

How do the leading economic experts suggest USP to Vietnam? Professor Michael E. Porter suggests that in the longer term, Vietnam should focus on developing agriculture to become a leading global food supplier, or focus on infrastructure. Warehouses, seaports to become a transit point of goods, global warehousing. Meanwhile, the father of modern marketing Philip Kotler said: “If China is the factory of the world, India is the office of the world, Vietnam be the” kitchen of the world”

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