How do you integrate trade with a dagsjobb?

How do you integrate trade with a dagsjobb?

This is the question that most beginners ask. Not only the beginners but even the less experienced will need to either combine investments with another job.

Trading has a lot of advantages that professional freedom or unlimited profit potential, but there are also some disadvantages. One of the biggest is that investing in currencies is risky and does not guarantee profits or any monthly salary. This fact makes that the vast majority of people, at least in the beginning of his adventure with the trade, are forced to combine trading with work, which in turn provides the comfort and peace of mind. I know of many people who, despite their good results, still not leaving their jobs just to have the financial comfort that was mentioned above.

So how do you integrate work with trading?

In today’s article I will try to show you four ways to do this:

Trading before / after work

The strategy assumes that the only to invest in his spare time, preferably before or after work and for the analysis of transactions, we use the low intervals as the M1 / M5 / M15. The advantage of this approach is the exact predetermined time which we spend systematically in the trade. The only downside is that we only invest in certain hours, so that all signals which appear outside of this time can be omitted.

Trade using pending orders

It is a strategy which is perfect in combination with the trade and harmonious system which allows for the implementation of the analysis, t.ex.. a once-a-day – the positions are opened with pending orders. A big plus with this approach is the full automation of the decision-making process and the partial elimination of the emotions (at least until the next introduction of the platform).

Trading with the help of the alarm

This is a strategy that assumes that the positions are only opened at pre-defined levels, such as support or resistance. It is a great way to combine both work and personal life when you get to the computer when the market reaches the predetermined level and announces an audible alarm (or e-mail) on the platform. It works best for people who have a lot of freedom in their work, and they can have a running platform somewhere next so that they can take a glance and open a new position.

Trading with high intervals

This is a strategy that is based on the use of the H4, D1 or higher intervals and is ideal for people who do not have the opportunity to spend the hours on the chart. The advantage of this approach is the ability to devote a very limited time to trade, while the main weakness is the limited number of transactions made on the market. In order to be able to earn a steady ”fair” percentage of your capital it is necessary to analyze many different instruments that none of them will probably be perfect.

From the above it can be said that trade can be a job for everyone, if you are determined, stubborn and strong enough to engage in a (usually long) experience and a lot of experience. To work on t.ex. the office gives us opportunities and time to try our best in the market and look for the optimal strategy.

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