Guide for beginners – Ripple

Ripple, also known as the Ripple Transaction Protocol (RTXP), or simply the Ripple Protocol, a payment system based on blockchain technology. Ripple is also one of the most popular kryptovalutorna in the world, and the market value of XRP at the end of september 2017 amounted to 7,56 billion dollars. As well as Bitcoin and other CryptoRipples is Ripple based on an open source protocol where the users are consistent and confirm each other’s transactions. Just like many others, as, for example, kryptovalutan litecoin, was the Ripple is a platform that is much faster and noticeably cheaper than Bitcoin.

If the user’s word is true, the companies that have already adopted the Ripples had a competitive advantage. Coins makes it possible to introduce a much more customer-friendly payment options for a much lower cost than the traditional or bitcoinbaserade ways.

The origins of the ripples goes back to the time of BTC. Ryan Fugger has worked with the decentralised monetary system since 2004. His dream of creating a currency that is completely based on its individual users, at the same time gets rid of the middleman, as governments and central banks became a reality with the Ripple.

Fugger has created RipplePay, a financial service, which is designed so that customers can make secure payments online. However, it was only a prototype and Fugger after years of improvement and expansion of his vision have come together with several liksinnade visionaries.

Rippeln in the form we know today came out in daylight in 2012. In the beginning of his cryptograms, won the Fugger kryptovalutaanvändarnas heart and mind. Today is the Ripple one of the most important currencies used by the famous financial brands as UniCredit, UBS and Santander. Ripple has attracted most of the world’s big banks – primarily through the advanced projektinfrastruktur, security and low transaction costs.

Keep in mind that krusningen is still being developed. Yes, it is already used by some companies, but many industrial giants are still waiting for the final version, so do we also.

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