Gold and silver to preserve and ensure the value

Once you have received your gold or silver, you must consider how you are going to preserve it. This has always been a bit of a dilemma that has no clear-cut solutions.

People have a tendency to believe that the best place to preserve the gold and silver in a safe deposit box at the bank. They believe that the name säherhetsfack make it to a safe bevaringsställe. This can be both a good and bad ide, its something you need to take a stand.

When the united states suffered the terrorist attacks of september 11, 2001, went the price of gold up by nine per cent, and the silver, with eleven per cent. But if you had gold and silver in the bank, you could not get years. During the same week was closed, namely the stock market and the banks. The atms emptied of money, but ädelmetallshandlarna kept open. It was just to redeem their gold and silver into cash if you wanted to. Ädelmetallshandlarna acted as the banker of the week, but only for those who had their gold and silver. available.

Another reason why you should think twice before depositing their precious metals in a safe deposit box at the bank is the following story. A bank had decided to close down the local office where Emily lived and had esitt sökerhetsfack. She was informed then that the tray would be moved to the nörmaste öppnba office. The transition went off without a hitch and everyone was satisfied and happy. After a few months she wanted to however obtain a thing from its safe-deposit boxes. To her horror she was told that despite the fact that her bankkkonto now low in the new bank, so we had her safe deposit box are not complied with in the move. Finally found the tray, but only after a long search.

Everyone should have gold and silver in a place where it is available and fast. Gold and silver are, of course some of the ftillgångar which is not a part of the financial system. If one chooses to preserve their gold and silver at the bank exposes you at the same time, their precious metals for the official financial system and the laws that govern it.

There are options to consider:

Safe – it is likely to be something you want to discuss with your försäkringgsbolag first. But if you want to preserve your gold or silver at home, is it a good investment to invest in a good safe.

Allocated the bottlenecks – this is the second surest way to preserve the precious metals. If they keep their gold and silver in such bottlenecks is the one guaranteed set up, but it need not be exactly the same plays. The forms of gold and silver used in this type of vaults is often large and cost-effective bullions. When it sells, you get paid in cash. If you want to get their gold or silver, leverersas it in ingots. If you want to have it delivered in another form, you pay a specific fee.

Cyberguld – Here, we intend to bring together all kinds of gold and silver that can be bought and sold instantly on the Internet. Thus, it is the gold and silver that you never see or touch but that is so repealed shall be maintained in a fully insured and secure bottlenecks.

ETF-shares – ETF-mutual fund shares, it is most well-known of the digital gold. One thing that is important to remember is that the ETF securities included in the banking system. If you buy their shares, you play by their rules. If, on the other hand is looking to trade with silver and gold in stöllet to invest in them long-term, this may be the way for you. They have by far the smallest difference between the buy – and säljkurse, the highest liquidity and can be bought and sold as aktoer on all säljplattformar.

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