Exercise contributes to a gut feeling

The best traders have a fine-tuned ability to feel of the market and what you can do in the next step. This is often called ”gut feeling” and it is something that I rely on heavily in my own trading. In my opinion, every traders develop their gut feeling in trading, and it is something that comes from real training, followed by experience and time at the computer screen with the graphs. Handelskänsla is something that will continue to unfold within you while you get more experience to trade in the market.

Handelskänsla can be better understood by the beginners if we call it intuition and expectation. It is simply a subconscious intuition and the anticipation of an event.

In essence leads to repetitive processes and patterns in the market to the intuitive feelings and can give rise to Déjà-vu-like experiences. A trader will experience these hunches that come in the mind that trigger what we call ”feeling”. If you see something often enough your mind will give you a projected hypothesis of different kinds of it happens. This is obviously a very powerful and important ”tool” that you need to develop in order to finally get to the top.

Exercise contributes to a gut feeling
A professional spellag have put a lot of time on training, and as a result, they have become good enough to become professionals. They have played against opponents of all different types and styles and this has given them a sense of what their opponent’s next step will be.

For example, if you play tennis enough times against the same opponent, you will learn your game and eventually you will not even think of his game; It will be a gut instinct and you will just have to predict or ”feel” of his next shot before it happens.

After you have mastered your trading strategy and put in enough time, you will begin to develop handelskänslan as a result. Then, when you analyze the market, it becomes a combination of a subconscious ”yes or no?” The mechanism of action or not, and a sense of what the market may do next. This is similar to a tennis player who decides to hit a deep volley on the next shot that he can ”feel” what his opponent can do. There are many other examples of gut feeling in sports and other areas, but in all cases, it develops only after sufficient practice and experience. Raw talent helps, but I think with practice and enough time, anyone can develop a good gut feeling.

Gut feeling and trade
The different strategies that we implement to trade will eventually become the second nature of the experienced trader and as time passes the merchant’s sense, to help determine if ”this is a trade that is worth taking or not?” Sometimes a trader does not even understand why he leans to one side of the market or the other, but it is his subconscious förväntningsmekanism that affect his decision-making. This mechanism is only just beginning to sprout after enough time on the market.

You may not even understand what happens when you start to feel this feeling, but the more you expose yourself to charts and prisåtgärden, the clearer becomes this subconscious ”trigger”.

There are always two perspectives …
You can have a feeling about the market or a particular trade and don’t even know why; your subconscious mind is sometimes smarter than your conscious mind. So, while we may want to go further and see a long signal, ” says your gut feeling that ”it might not be the right” … your gut feeling is to see something we can not see … it is a subconscious message and in this way, our subconscious mind is often more objective than our conscious mind.

For example, there are always two perspectives on the market. A trader looking at a chart and think it looks good, while another looking at the same chart see it as bearish. So if you look at a chart on the basis of the other’s perspective, observe it more objectively. But most of us couldn’t see it here, from the first, but still could unconsciously feel that something is not right. Like it or not so we will all be exaggerated to a certain view on the market from sometimes, even if there is a stronger case for it to go the other way. It is at these times when our subconscious feeling can help us. It can warn us with a gut feeling that something is ”wrong”, and you can use this feeling to look for why your chosen trade would be a bad idea. Your sense will warn you to take a closer look.

Of course, in order to begin to develop your gut feeling, you must first understand how to read price movement on the charts. It all starts with learning the market that is constantly changing. When you do this, the time at the computer screen to build up your subconscious handelssinne and you will start to intuitively ”feel” the chart. You will not always have the right with your feeling, but it is something that can help you very much and you need to develop if you want to become a successful trader.

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