EIA: summary of weekly petroleum data for the week to 26. May 2017

FXStreet summary of the most important data of the U.S. Department of energy, EIA for the week to 26. May 2017:

The processing of U.S. crude oil was in the week to 26. May at an average of 17.5 million barrels. This corresponds to 229.000 barrels more per day than the previous week.

The US’s Oil imports were on average 8.0 million barrels per day in the last week. This corresponds to a decline of 309.000 barrels per day in the previous week.

The US crude oil inventories (excluding the strategic Petroleum reserve) fell compared to the previous week to 6.4 million barrels to 509,90 million barrels. The U.S. crude oil inventories for this time of the year above the upper limit of the average range.

** FXStreet News Editorial, FXStreet**

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