Earn money by copying the investments of others with social trading

Even though you are a total novice in trading and that we have never invested, without knowing neither the technical analysis nor fundamental analysis, it is possible to speculate on various financial markets using the trading social, this practice enables you to copy the investments of other traders.

Choose good traders to copy

Social trading can offer a return on investment interesting provided that we approach this type of trading intelligently.

To invest all its capital on a single trader who has achieved 500% profit from last month is simply suicidal. Such a return on investment usually means that the risk of the trader are high, therefore we should not commit the mistake of copy and include their investments in our portfolio. The video that we have made, and which figure below will teach you how to avoid the bad traders and we’ll reveal some tips which will allow you to choose intelligently the traders that copy the investments.

Why choose the broker eToro ?

Etoro is a leader in the trading social, it is this broker that has propelled this type of investment, and freer from 2008. Etoro is not simply the precursor of the trading social, it is also a broker forex serious as it is regulated and has licenses from financial regulators.

Etoro is not limited simply to the trading social, this broker also allows the CopyFunds (a copy of the funds or groups of traders) and of course for experienced traders the opportunity to invest and speculate for themselves on the financial markets, since it is primarily a forex broker. Note that, in making a opening an account in eToro you automatically get the Warranty Forexagone.

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