Downs on the stockholm stock exchange

Storbolagetsindexet OMXS30 noted during the morning a fall of 0.4 per cent, to the level of 1,643.

The price of oil has moved upwards and the stockholm stock exchange rose Lundin Petroleum 0.7 per cent. After the Fingerprint, +1.5 per cent, was the biggest positive storbolagsrörelse.

Moreover we have H&M, with a decline of 1.3% and Kinnevik with 2.9 per cent, Handelsbanken dropped 1.4 per cent and Goldman Sachs have lowered the recommendation for SHB shares to neutral from buy.

Nordea rose slightly ahead of a Thursday launch of the kapitalmarknadsträff.

Nibe rose by 7 per cent – the result was better than expected. Starbreeze’s first quarter was negatively impacted by increased costs and the operating profit landed on the -50,8 million (-9,5). Shares lost more than 3 percent.

Secits, which sells cloud-based monitoring services, made its premiere on First North and traded around the 7:60 crowns after a less than hour of trading. Volati fell by around 1 per cent

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