Dependent VS. Independent trading

In life there are times when we need to rely on others, but there are also things where it is better to rely on ourselves.

Trading is a profession that promotes independence and if you don’t like to be alone with your mind, trust your intuition, or avoid the opinions of others and ”other sound” – you will not succeed as traders.

You need to decide if you are a dependent or independent traders through to understand what distinguishes these two attitudes. If you think that you are a trader and you lost money in the market so maybe it is time to change something…


For example, let’s say that your trading was pretty good recently; You followed your method and did the next part of the action plan with discipline. You see that the market is set according to your method and you are ready to play it.

But before you get started, got something to force you to start browsing on the Internet for additional ”tips” or ”confirmation” for your transaction. You are looking for some kind of ”assurance”. What you think is not at all encouraging, there are actually opinions that are contrary to your opinion, which give rise to doubts and embarrassment in you. So you are convinced to not get started.

You go back to the graphs the next morning and it turns out that your price action setup that you would play before you read the other reviews, would be good to do and move aggressively in the assumed direction. But all you can do now is to look at it in retrospect. You are mad at yourself and frustrated because you took this deal in the past.

Sound familiar? I bet anything that something like this has happened to you at least once or so it happens probably more often.

This is a good example of why depending-trading is bad and even scary for your business.

There is nothing worse than to distract himself from his own trading plan, relying on other people’s opinions and then see that, with the help of its own method and discipline would be the probable operation would have been profitable anyway.


To be an independent trader means that you trust yourself and understand that you do not need to listen to other people and their ”tips”.

In commerce has been much said about ”stick to his method”, and ”have discipline”. Not to have too many sources that explain what everything means and how to do it.

Independent trading means that you do not go away from your own method, do not do the action plan by listening to the opinions of others or look for advice on your transactions.

I would much rather have normal losing transactions which is a statistical part of the strategy than to lose by following other people’s advice or a news section.

It doesn’t matter how experienced or intelligent someone is in the handelsämnet and you can’t let a conversation with such a person distract you from the criteria in your own trading plan.

Disciplined and independent trading is simply about carry out and about with your strategy as soon as the installation is consistent with its assumptions emerges in the market. You are not dependent on the news or the opinions of others, for you know what strategy you have, you trust it and you master it very well.

Independent trading should be your goal; You need to fully rely on your strategy, the ability to find contracts and manage your transactions. Everything else should be seen as external noise that distracts and hurts your performance.

When it comes to trading so you can not rely on anyone other than yourself; No one cares about your money besides yourself.

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