CopyFunds eToro, 17% ROI in 4 months with the investment on technology stocks

Etoro has recently launched the CopyFunds, it is of various investment funds on which traders who have a trading account with eToro can invest. Etoro offers the possibility to the traders to invest on a multitude of different funds. These funds are divided into two categories, the ” Market CopyFunds “, it is a fund composed of shares and indices and the Trader CopyFunds “, funds composed of different traders.

One of the funds with the most efficient that can be found on the trading platform, eToro, is the fund ” BigTech “, it groups together several values of the major technology companies to international publicly traded. The shares that make up the background “BigTech” in a majority of the shares of Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook, these shares represent 75% of the fund, the remaining 25% are composed of other actions in the field of technology.

The investment fund “BigTech” on which it is possible to invest has generated returns more than satisfactory over the last few months. The month of January 2017 to date (end April 2017), the overall performance of the fund is of the order of 16,44%. If you look further in the past, we note that in 2016, this same fund has generated an overall performance of 7.13 per cent, in 2015 the performance has also been positive and has allowed investors to generate 18,59% profit.

As an investor, if you search one or more markets in which to invest, the substance of “Big Tech” is so interesting given the performances that he has done these last few months (last few years). Of course, it would not be prudent to bet his entire capital on a single market, it is better to advocate for the diversification of investments in order to limit the risks associated with investing in the financial markets.

An investor can very well invest on several “Market Funds” or “Trader Funds” at the time, it can even allocate a portion of his capital in the trading and social to copy the investments of traders, or just do the tading for itself, as many of the possibilities offered by the broker eToro. The important thing is not to put all its eggs in the same basket, in case of a crisis or recession of a contract, the capital is not impacted in its totality. Investing directly on the share Apple has gained 26% since the beginning of the year 2017 is also an opportunity that could be of interest to you.

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