Copy the bottom “GainersQtr” eToro traders the strongest in the trading network social

Etoro is the undisputed leader in the trading, social and, recently, the broker has launched a new form of investment, it is the CopyFunds. Until a few months ago we had knowledge of the hedge funds that are usually reserved for investors highly capitalized, eToro wanted to democratize this type of investment, and create investment funds that are accessible to all on its trading platform.

Traders with the most solid together in a background

Among the various collections on which it is possible to invest on the trading platform of the broker eToro, there are bottom GainersQtr that drew our attention and this is because of its performance. This fund is comprised on the basis of traders regarded as “solid” (up to 50 traders) and a capital allocation fair between them. Each quarter, the algorithm of the broker Etoro updates the selection of traders (it deletes and adds based on the risk score of each, for example) in order to maintain a level of risk and a balanced distribution of capital that make up the background.

The performance of the bottom GainersQtr

The figures in the background GainersQtr are very good, and especially interesting for investors who are looking for where to place their capital.

It can be seen on the performance graph above is that this fund has achieved 14,54% of profits in 2015, with a maximum loss of the portfolio of the order of the rose to 4.91% in July. During the year 2016 this fund has achieved a performance of 12,44% with only two months to slightly negative over the twelve months of the year. For the first five months of the year 2017, we are to to 11.78% profit with no month-to-negative.

The statistics of risk are also rather good. The risk score of this background oscilel between 2 and 3 (out of 10) which is very low and the ideal. The drawdown weekly (decrease hebdo maximum of capital) has been -1,79%, which is also little and puts us in confidence as an investor.

Invest through the broker eToro

The broker eToro allows you to practice the trading by yourself and social trading, but also the CopyFunds as we have just seen again. GainersQtr is a background that is worth being monitored and that one can copy without fear. Note that the PopularInvestor AlexPlesk, which has achieved 12,46% profit last month, is part of the selection of traders from the bottom GainersQtr. Any other background that might interest you is the bottom BigTech , which has allowed investors a capital gain of 17% in the space of only 4 months. As a reminder, open an account with eToro will not need more than 200€ to allow you to buy and sell the financial markets, to invest in funds, and copy the investments of traders, this also gives you the Guarantee Forexagone.

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