Continued high pessimism in Swedish households

Household has a continued high level of pessimism about the Swedish economy. According to a new survey from the Scope of households ‘ economic expectations. The survey covered just over 1,000 people and was carried out between 7 June and 6 July.

Skops makroindex, households ‘ expectations about the Swedish economy, went up to -11,9 in June/July from -13,7 in december.

Mikroindex, households ‘ expectations of their own economy, rose at the same time, to 11.3 from 7.3.

”Despite a strong economic development dominates the pessimism among the swedes when it comes to the country’s economy. Pessimism, however, has gradually decreased since the beginning of the year 2016, but still, there is a preponderance of pessimists. At the turn of the year 2015/2016, it was almost every other american (47%) expect the economic situation in Sweden would deteriorate. At mid-year June/July of this year it is 36 per cent expecting deterioration in the Swedish economy, ” says SCOPE’s analyst associate professor Örjan Hultåker.

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