Book Investeringsguiden for Gold & Silver

Investeringsguiden for Gold & Silver is a financial book for beginners. The book is both important and informative, inspires by highlighting both the historical as the prospects for gold and silver.

The cheapest option is to borrow the book at the library.

The price may vary slightly, but will after the 1.01.2017 to be around 180kr (on plusbok.see, it costs 129 sek (24.04.2017)).


”Gold rush!”

”Smart investors know that the stock and the bond market has reached its peak and is heading downwards since a while back. Those who are financially on the ball and have the right skills has, instead, transferred their assets into more tangible investments, såskilt gold and silver. There is perhaps nothing you have read about in the media, but the fact is that right now is the passing of the greatest gold rush.

(…) During six of the last seven years, gold production decreased. Where the use of gold as investors have bought, you might wonder? GATA (Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee) consists of investors and specialists from the gulindustrin which among other things includes asset managers, handelsvaruanalytiker, lawyers, ädelmetallsförsäljare and now also a part of the banks. STREET argues that the world’s central banks, in cooperation with the controlling, manipulating and holding the price of gold. But why would they want to do it, do you?”



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