Bitcoin is still over $ 2500

The last few hours shows small, but significant price movement. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum is still in a broad consolidation. Dash and EOS registered a significant growth of over 19%. The volume is still quite low, not exceeding a billion dollars.

The day began in a calmer atmosphere, after several days of rise. Huge variation falls slowly into oblivion – its place was taken by long-term correction. The strong psychological support level is located at $ 2500 and can lead to further growth.

The world’s next largest kryptovaluta, Ethereum is slightly weaker than expected. Please note that both the volume and volatility of the ETH is low. The next support is about $ 250 and should provide a basis for further growth.

Dash who has long been among the most popular kryptovalutorna shows a strong demand, got more than 19% during the last 24 hours. Dash reached its historical peak at $ 227. The market value grew to more than $ 1.6 billion.

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