Bitcoin is still at the top

Bitcoin is still on top and still have a well-deserved reputation as kryptovaluta. This groundbreaking initiative is often identified with the whole kryptomarknaden and the technology behind the blockchain. eToro has struggled to create a simple guide to this complex instrument. The first time we heard about Bitcoin was in connection with blockchain technology, 2009. Then (as most think) presented a group of programmers under the alias name Satoshi Nakamoto is a open-source, which quickly became popular among the industry supporters. At the time, recognized the potential to bite in the Blockchain and Bitcoin. The future of electronic payments has been redefined.

Bitcoin’s essence is the blockchain. It is responsible for an immediate transaction between two network users. All transactions are verified by the nodes and written to the public key so that everyone can see that they have made. It is precisely this Bitcoin virtue, which was the first of many truly decentralised currencies!

The Bitcoin network has no owner because no one owns e-mail or the Internet. The transactions made by BTC to be verified by the so-called miners. Each of the network users must use the same technology and solutions that make Bitcoin a truly democratic betalningsmedium.

BTC has long since ceased to be the domain of ”online geeks” and programmers. Bitcoin today has a fair market value. It can freely and legally exchanged for other currencies, products or services. There are thousands of safes out there for Bitcoins. In many places in the world pays you Bitcoin for your purchases or even for education.

Bitcoin has also become an asset for investment. The cost for 2009 traded just a few cents, kryptovalutan stands today at a price of several thousand dollars. Without a doubt, Bitcoin has created a large group of millionaires and it does even today. The large variation in Bitcoins prisupplevelse makes it a good choice for speculation. Check out the crypto-market with free demokontot. Try daytrading-the tactics on the BTC and share your opinion with thousands of eToro users.

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