Binary options trading 60 seconds

Binary options 60 seconds also called binary options “turbo” are in fact the same thing as binary options the classical type “high/low” (high/low) except that their expiration is relatively short and limited to one minute.

Fast trading, but not without risk !

The trading basic binary options 60 seconds is a of increasingly practiced, in fact, the traders see it as a way to earn money quickly, without having to linger several hours in front of a computer screen, however it should be noted that this type of trading includes significant risk. Binary options 60 seconds involve having to stay the 15, 30, 60 minutes or more to know the result of the trade, only a minute is enough, you don’t ignore that winning the money as quickly logically implies a risk of losses that can occur just as quickly.

The case of traders who lose money

Often, the binary options 60 seconds are handled by the beginners or traders of inexperienced lack of patience have landed on this short term. Wait several tens of minutes bothers them then they rush to the binary options 60 seconds with the goal of generating quick profits. However, those traders who hope to make money have expectations of the surreal, and no techniques or money management, as a result, they usually end up by having to undergo a cramage account.

Binary options 60 seconds are rather intended to traders who understand when to buy and sell the market and who know how to actually set the trend and surf it in multiplying operations. After you have studied the course of trading, shall be exercised sufficiently in demo and have evidence of positive results, then you can try this type of trading is highly speculative.

Practice the binary options 60 seconds

The broker StockPair is one of the only brokers registered REGAFI to allow to speculate on the financial markets through binary options with maturities 60 seconds. We recommend this broker for traders who want to practise the short-term trading, otherwise proceed to open an account StockPair allows you to have access to our training and binary options strategy, thanks to which we have generated 201$ profit in 5 days (video). StockPair gives you the right to the Warranty Forexagone in the same way as the other brokers listed on our website.

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